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What are your favorite lipsticks?

hello beauties <3


what are your favorite lipsticks? also, any color recommendations for colors are awesome, I have fair skin with slight pink undertones, and blue eyes and medium brown hair!!!

Re: What are your favorite lipsticks?

For bold or long lasting lipsticks, I would say definitely MUFE Rouge artist, Bite or UD Revolution. I wiped them with cleansing water and there's still a stain left (compare to Dior, Givenchy, Shiseido etc). Of the lipsticks I haven't tried, I heard that Burberry and YSL are great, so I'm hoping to try them soon. Tho I'm not really a good judge of colors, I can wear most things, so hopefully somebody else will help you with that.

Re: What are your favorite lipsticks?

Hi! I have the same coloring as you except my hair is dark brown. I think I look best in berries, mauvey pinks, fuschias,  blue reds and neutrals that have some pink in them. Some of my favorite lipsticks are made by Bite Beauty, YSL,and Buxom. Some very wearable favorites of mine are Granache and Zin by Bite, Hooligan  and Swinger by Buxom, #9  Rose Stiletto and #25 Taupe Raphael  by YSL.  I have a large collection of reds, bold, and deep colors.  If you ever want to explore those just give me a shout!  Smiley Happy

Re: What are your favorite lipsticks?

i am a more neutral natural lip girl, but i love the suggestions you gave me!!

Re: What are your favorite lipsticks?

OH no wait I have some for you to:Of Course YSL in #8- Pink in Confidence

Hourglass Femme Nude lipstick #3                  YSL Pure Coture Satiny Radiance Lipstik in #11 Rose Carnation

Re: What are your favorite lipsticks?

Those are so pretty! Thanks for your recommendations! Now to decide... hehe Smiley Very Happy

Re: What are your favorite lipsticks?

Just remember, when you go YSL you don't go back! They can leave a hole in your pocket, but it's worth the hole. Just think of the hole being a new trend or something Smiley Very Happy

Re: What are your favorite lipsticks?

If your just wanting that everyday easy color I would suggest the YSL  Volupte Shine in #8Smiley Happy

Re: What are your favorite lipsticks?

I love clinique - Whole Lotta Honey, UD Naked lip gloss & high gloss lip color, NARS gloss in Supervixen.  I just bought UD Revolution in Manic & I love it!!!!!


Re: What are your favorite lipsticks?

I have the same coloring as you (except dark brown hair) and my favorite neutral/natural lip colors are as follows:


1) YSL glossy stain #7, this is my favorite lip product ever, it's a corally pinky color, very natural looking, totally delicious.  YSL is pricey, but I have found their stuff to be worth the money.


2) Marc Jacobs in Role Play, this is almost a perfect match for my lips so I don't wear it too too often, but when I want understated it totally brings it.


3) Fresh Sugar in Petal, this is my favorite "my lips, but better" color.  A lot of people can't tell I'm wearing anything, but I always get compliments about how I look on the days that I'm wearing it.


4) Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Dallas, this is a coral/pink like the first one I recommended.  It's a gloss and it's fairly shimmery/shiny so if you are going for makeup on the dl it's not the best choice, but if you want a neutral color with a bolder presentation it can't be beat.


5) Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Sugarbomb, this is more pink, less coral.  Like the Dallas I rec'd above it's a shiny gloss, but with a neutral color.  I frequently wear this or the Dallas when I'm going out and want to look nice but not necessarily make a Statement with my lip color. 


I think that's all the neutral's/nudes that I can't live without, I will post again if I think of anything more.


Also, if you want advice for bolder colors, let me know, I have many thoughts.  Basically I just have a lot of lipstick opinions.

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