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What are you favorites from Give Me More Lip set???

Hey my BBFFs who got the awesome Give Me More Lip set, it's been out about a month now and I'm really curious how people are liking their lovely new lippies!  Which ones do you like?  Which ones are kinda meh for you?


One of my surprise favorites is the OCC Lip Tar in Strumpet!  It looks terribly dark in the tube but I can either apply a smaller amount just for a bit of a stain, or else put on a layer of the Smashbox Nylon Nude to lighten it up!


I thought I would automatically hate the Too Faced Marshmallow Bunny because it's waaaaay too light for me, but surprisingly it's not hideous!  I can used it for the tanned, pale pink lip look and it's actually not bad!  The texture isn't as smooth as I was hoping for though, I wonder if other shades are different.


Also really loving the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick formula a LOT, plus I love the shade Dolce for a warmer everyday shade.  It's so lightweight compared to other long-last liquid lipstick formulas I've tried!  Of course I need a gloss on top because of my dry lips, but I am really liking this and plan to get more!


SO glad they added a Bite lip pencil in there as I've been dying to try the formula.  It's lovely and moisturizing and I love the pencil format for bolder colors because then I don't need a lip brush to apply!


So far Give Me More Lip has inspired me to go out and buy 4 full-sized OCC Lip Tars, and I'm thinking the Stila liquid lipstick will be next!  So overall the set is a great success for me! Smiley Happy

Re: What are you favorites from Give Me More Lip set???

This whole kit is just so fun for trying all the brands and trying colors I wouldn't normally try.  I hope they do this kit again because i will be first in line to buy. my kid and I had a blast trying on all the colors and I am such a lippie junkie it was perfect for me. We got the Tarte 8 piece set recently too and I just ordered the small give me lips set and am waiting for it to arrive as well as the Kat Von d Mimi lippie set.  a girl can't have too many lipsticks. 

Re: What are you favorites from Give Me More Lip set???

Give Me More Lip was probably one of my favorite purchases to date! Even though several of the lippies didn't work out for me, it was great to try the formula & experiment. 


For example, I had NO idea that I would every love a wine/berry colored lip but Buxom's Menace is absolutely GORGEOUS on me & I'm planning on getting a full size. It's perfect for fall/winter. 

I also loved the Stila Color Balm in Sonya. Again, this was something I would have never guessed would be so flattering and wouldn't have bought on my own. It's already on the Christmas list.  

The Bite Lip Pencil was a delight, and it's a definite repurchase.


I didn't like Kat Von D's bright pink liquid lipstick and of course BareMineral's bright pink lipstick was also basically unwearable. However, I DID love the formula of BareMinerals & I'll probably be looking at their other lip shades.  


The Lip Tar in Strumpet is pretty, but the application is so gosh-darn inconvenient that I won't be repurchasing. 


I DID like the lip glosses that were contained in the set. They were very nice layered and on their own, however, I'm not a big lip gloss person. I'll enjoy them and use them, however, but I suspect they'll last a while because I'm not a daily lip gloss user. 


Here are some products that I kinda liked...

Tarte's Glamazon Lipstick was a joy, however SO SMALL!!

Too Faced Marshmallow Bunny was OK, but I hated how sheer and uneven the formula seemed. 

Re: What are you favorites from Give Me More Lip set???

drrragon I had very similar experiences to yours!


I actuallly took two weeks and wore every single product, so I can definitely say my favorite and non-favorites...


I also surprisingly loved the OCC Lip Tar in Strumpet, and I also thought it would be too dark/purple for me.


My absolute favorite is the Hourglass Liquid Lipstick in Icon.... I think it is one of the most beautiful things to ever touch my lips...


Other surprise loves where the Bare Minerals hot pink lipstick and the Stila lipstick.


I could not pull off the Kat Von D hot pink liquid lipstick, the Stila brownish liquid lipstick, or the Buxom purple lipstick, sadly. All very pretty but they did not work on me.


Some of the light pink colors were also a little light on me and washed me off, since I am so pale, but I can always layer.


I also loved the Bite pencil and the Tarte glamazon lipstick, though the Tarte one is sooooo tiny!

Re: What are you favorites from Give Me More Lip set???

My favorites: 

Buxom lipstick in Menace - Beautiful dark berry color and great for fall. I have yet to try a Buxom product that I didn't like.


OCC Lip Tar in Strumpet - Beautiful berry color and a little bit goes a long way. I really liked the formula of this.


Hourglass liquid lipstick in Icon - Beautiful blood red and it's long lasting. I didn't like the stickiness of it though.


Stila color balm in Sonya - Beautiful color and it's very moisturizing.


Luke warm favorites:

I kind of like the the neutral lip products because I can mix them with the pink products to tone them down.

Re: What are you favorites from Give Me More Lip set???

My top favorites are:

Tarts Glamazon 12hr lipstick in Inspired

KatVonD Foiled Love Lipstick in Adorable

OCC Liptar in Strumpet

I' have only given one away and the Stila lipgloss I didn't like just by looking at it so I'll save it for my turn with the traveling box =)

Re: What are you favorites from Give Me More Lip set???

Mine favorites are:

  • Too Faced Marshmallow Bunny
  • Buxom White Russian Lip Cream
  • Hourglass Liquid Lipstick

I'm not so sure about the nude color shades, but just like you said, I just layer them. I think they will work fine to tone down a brighter color.

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