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True Blood - "Smoking Lips" Look

I have been trying for years to emulate the lips shown at the end of the True Blood credits. A rich, hemoglobin red glaze with no sparkles and a glassy, almost translucent finish. Can anyone help with a browned-out deep red color, or a combination of products, that can help me achieve this look, please?swfupload_865853295847464253.jpg

Re: True Blood - "Smoking Lips" Look

Keep in mind that you might not be able to recreate that *exact* look, since it's such a short shot for the opening credits; for all we know, they could have slicked some fake blood on the model's lips, shot it fairly quickly, and never had to worry about it lasting, feathering, or whatnot.

Re: True Blood - "Smoking Lips" Look

I know - I suspect PhotoShop was involved, rather than one product. That's why I'm seeking help to get there!

Re: True Blood - "Smoking Lips" Look

For a gal that has had fake blood slicked on the better part of me (for pete sake's I'm zombied out in my avi pic Smiley Tongue), I WISH fake blood looked that good on lips! Haha!

Re: True Blood - "Smoking Lips" Look

Great suggestions on colors so far! In addition to products recommended, it's also vital to keep in mind application.


I would suggest starting off with a clear lip liner to fill in and trace around outer edges (MUFE, Urban Decay, and Too Faced all make clear liners). Their waxy nature helps to fill in lines and prevent colors from bleeding and feathering.


Red lips (or any deep/bold color) when glossy can be difficult to maintain as gloss and lacquer often cause pigment to travel, so maintenance is key while carrying this look, you walk a fine line between lips looking dark and sultry to messy and tacky.


After tracing lips with a clear liner, I would suggest using a lip brush to gently pat and apply your color product (be it a lipstick, lacquer, or deeply pigmented gloss, even if the lacquer/gloss comes with an applicator). This will give you more control rather than applying direct from tube or wand. If you're using a lip crayon or thick pencil, use quick and multiple swiping motions to fill in lips rather than keeping the crayon direct on lips at all times and doing long swipes to distribute color.


Your application doesn't have to entirely be opaque, work in building thin layers, even alternating with multiple shades from a deep red candy apple to even brick red tones. Pat and blend shades with the brush and even your finger for a more organic, soft blended look. Don't worry about getting the edges completely cleaned and hardlined. From there, take some gloss and pat/dab on the lips starting at the center and slightly branching it outward to the sides. You don't want to go crazy and over apply, again, this will cause the look to bleed and feather.

Re: True Blood - "Smoking Lips" Look

These are fantastic suggestions so far! Thank you so much! Keep 'em coming - I feel a purchase coming on!

Re: True Blood - "Smoking Lips" Look

I'd reccomend Ellis Faas lip color. I think the shade you'd be most interested in is the Ellis Red (the brands signature color). Ellis Red is is based on the natural colour of blood. 

It comes in three types: milky lips, creamy lips, and glazed lips. Another shade that could work would be the milky lips L202 (dark blood). Check out the Ellis Faas website. You'll be able see good pictures of the lip colors there. And of course, then buy them at Sephora Smiley Happy


Milky lips (shades L201 or L202):


Creamy lips (shade L101):


Glazed lips (shade L301):


I hope you'll find what your looking for!

Re: True Blood - "Smoking Lips" Look

Have you tried the Shiseido Lacquer Rouge? I'd recommend the shade Nocturne (607) for the red, maybe mixed with Savage or Truffle for the brown? Some pictures, not mine. 





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