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Top Lip Balm ;)


hello again! *waves* I was just wondering whats the best lip blam you've come across with,   I don't really have any lip problems other than when I don't drink water for a long time ( it can be from 3 hours to a day and a half ) I have dry lips. yeah, I know that ain't healthy but water does not appeal to me that much.   Anyways, whats your favorite lip balm?  Lol thats not my favorite lip balm though ! xD

Re: Top Lip Balm ;)

Soft Lips is amazing! Smiley Happy I like the vanilla scented one.

Re: Top Lip Balm ;)

I just moved to the Midwest from Florida and this cold, dry weather is making my lips freak out!  I have always loved Fresh and Jack Black, but it just hasn't been doing it for me lately.  As a last resort, I put the Nude treatment oil on my lips and they felt better within minutes! 


Re: Top Lip Balm ;)

As of right now I believe the Maybelline Baby Lips is a great product. I only bought it today and noticed a difference quite quickly in smoothness. Plus it's got SPF in it which is rare to see in most lip products !. 

Re: Top Lip Balm ;)

If you have terribly broken skin, oil, first aid cream, anything that can seal your lips is really great.  Don't let it go for so long that you've lost layers of skin if you can avoid it.  (Been there, done that, you can search back for my pleas for help.)


The Nuxe balm seems nice but I haven't used it in distress.  A friend recommended Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip balm/cream/whatever.  It does seem nice and helped.  I does have petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) which I usually avoid but it does provide a good barrier. 


I hope I don't get to the desperate stage again soon.  I really like my Fresh lip balms and don't feel like they just sit on my lips.  For drugstore balms, the Nivea "A Kiss of Moisture" is really nice. It's what my husband uses and he gave his to me when my lips were bad and it was good (but not a cure).  I think it has more moisture than the EOS balms.  (Nothing is cuter than the EOS balms, though.)


I am curious where to find Terry Baume de Rose and The Lip Slip, however.  I will buy lots of things and try them out on a mission to avoid ever again having the feeling that my lips might just break off of my face!

Re: Top Lip Balm ;)

I love julep day defense lip balm but right now I'm mainly using Burt's bees lip shimmer. I was just shown it and told you should try it and now I own 3!

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