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Top Lip Balm ;)


hello again! *waves* I was just wondering whats the best lip blam you've come across with,   I don't really have any lip problems other than when I don't drink water for a long time ( it can be from 3 hours to a day and a half ) I have dry lips. yeah, I know that ain't healthy but water does not appeal to me that much.   Anyways, whats your favorite lip balm? image.jpg Lol thats not my favorite lip balm though ! xD

Re: Top Lip Balm ;)

both are 0.25 oz 

Re: Top Lip Balm ;)

Jack Black for brutal windy winter, or Fresh Sugar if I'm wearing it under a lip color. Speaking or interesting lip balm flavors....


Re: Top Lip Balm ;)

Bacon ^~^ ! <3.  Wouldn't be awesome if there was a chocolate flavor lip balm, that stayed really long and smelled like duh chocolate? 

The fresh sugar one's look awesome, where do you buy them?

Re: Top Lip Balm ;)

I use Sara Happ's Lip Slip at night and it prevents me from getting dry lips during the day when I'm not drinking enough water.


P.S. You can buy her products online, at Nordstrom, and local retailers.

Re: Top Lip Balm ;)

Gothgirl - praise the Lord and pass the butter on that! I was scared O.O


I love Tokyomilk Dark.

Re: Top Lip Balm ;)

GothGirl - i take the lid off and use it like a giant tube - that way no one can ask to use it Smiley Wink  i have not hit pan, when i do will have to use something, like my cat's paw, to get the remainder out of the pan. Love them! Smiley Happy

Re: Top Lip Balm ;)

Wow xD  I normally just wear my EOS ( strawberry sorbet)before school along with my lipgloss ( love and beauty, sparkling lip gloss) Sometimes after P.E c:


Re: Top Lip Balm ;)



Re: Top Lip Balm ;)

@spoiledbrat ( cool name)  I looked up Tokyomilk Dark, do you just take it out during class? It looks sorta difficult to use during school, or maybe you use it at night?

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