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Too Faced Melted Berry

Does anyone have this? I just bought it from TF's website. But the color of the product itself is absolutely nothing like berry. It was actually closer to melted ruby than it would be a berry. It was also bright, which is unusual for a berry toned color.


So I was wondering if it's like this for everyone, or I just got a weird batch.

Re: Too Faced Melted Berry

I just bought the Melted Berry after looking at swatches from Temptalia's site, it does seem bright in the pictures. But absolutely beautiful.  They have it on sephora now and you can tell its not that far off from the Ruby shade when you look at the shade selection. Hope you end up loving it Smiley Wink


Re: Too Faced Melted Berry

Thanks for the info! So I guess that's how it's supposed to look. I do like the color, but I wish that it was actually a bit darker. I think La Creme Divine Wine is closer to what I was looking for, but thankfully I purchased that too.

Re: Too Faced Melted Berry

I don't have it myself but when I first saw it I wanted it!  It's so pretty!

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