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Thoughts on Lipstick Queen Lipsticks?

I've been reading a lot of great reviews about Lipstick Queen lipsticks and they do have some gorgeous shades for fall. I'd never even heard of the line until I was looking at makeup on Ulta. I'm always on the look out for a new lipstick!  Has anyone tried this brand and if so, is it worth a try?

Re: Thoughts on Lipstick Queen Lipsticks?

I got Hello Sailor the moment that it was available at Ulta. I like the formula- it's non-drying.


I happen to like the sheer nature of Hello Sailor and will be looking at their fall colors next weekend. The price point is comparable with Urban Decay or NARS and the quality on par.

Re: Thoughts on Lipstick Queen Lipsticks?

Love hello sailor!! For lipstick addicts, this is a must have especially if you have pigmented lips. I was using this in the restroom in nordstrom and the look on the older woman next to me who noticed the tube is priceless. It  pulls purplish raspberry on me, just beautiful.


Definitely try this. I highly recommend medieval. This shade is mlbb for me. Totally agree with starletta8 on quality.

Re: Thoughts on Lipstick Queen Lipsticks?

Definitely looking at Medieval! There are some beautiful colors so I think I'll try a few - Ulta has a set on sale I may try!

Re: Thoughts on Lipstick Queen Lipsticks?

wow thanks. i love berry tones on my lips, so this is something i'll have to try!


Re: Thoughts on Lipstick Queen Lipsticks?

Thanks! I really like some of the colors and think I'll try a few!

Re: Thoughts on Lipstick Queen Lipsticks?

Just purchased Lipstick Queen #2- Jean Queen.


Oh, my...


I'm so glad I only have bought fall nails so far.  Because this is likely to be my fall lips go-to.


It's MLBB, but rosy and glossy. Imagine Nars Dolce Vita a shade and a half or so lighter, with blue undertones.


I adore the formula on Lipstick Queen- they're straight up glossy!

Re: Thoughts on Lipstick Queen Lipsticks?

You all are such enablers, even with non-Sephora buys! Just placed an order for two LQ lipsticks and two liners. I ordered the invisible liner -- has anyone here tried it?


Thanks, I think? Smiley Happy


Re: Thoughts on Lipstick Queen Lipsticks?

If you have an Ulta near you, they just got the line in-store- which gives plenty of time to play.


What'd you buy?


Medieval is next on my list to buy, for the record. Of course, I could just buy all. the. lipstick. if I had no self-control.

Re: Thoughts on Lipstick Queen Lipsticks?

I do have an Ulta nearby -- do all stores carry it now? I ordered one Saint and one Sinner, one in Natural and one in Rust, although the morning after I can't remember which was which! Plus lip liners in Rust and Invisible. I ordered from Nordstrom, so I can return them if necessary no problem. 


I meant to order Medieval but forgot! Maybe I'll go swatch it. I have been inspired by the bold color choices I see here on BT and am trying to move away from my usual nude pinks toward redder shades.

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