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Thin/Small UpperLip!

Happy Monday all!  Smiley Happy


So I'm at my wits end here.  I never noticed over time just how small/thin (I'm not even sure what the correct word is) my upper lip is.

I noticed most recently when playing w/ lippies and then taking a pic that when I smile my upper lip literally disappears.  It looks very odd...I would never had said I had full lips in the past, but I don't recall this.


I continue to get frustrated w/ this and just give up w/ a lippie all together. 

I searched techniques to make my upper lip more pronounced.  I've tried applying a bit of concealer/foundation and lining the top, but only a portion of the bottom, but Nada!.


Any of my lovely ladies have some tips, or can direct me towards some?  I've got so many pretty lippies I want to wear, but as I said it just looks quite odd.


Thanx in advance. ~KAM Smiley Happy

Re: Thin/Small UpperLip!

Hi Kam,


I purchased a product that I saw on the Shark Tank TV show called AngelLift dermastrips. It is supposed to help eliminate the lip lines that happen with aging. As I've aged, I've also noticed that my upper lip was getting thinner. Their instructions are to moisturize around your lips - you can use their moisturizer, but I use my regular one - then insert the dermastrip, which is a thin plastic strip, inside your mouth, under your upper lip. You leave it in for half an hour, during which time you don't talk, eat, drink or flex your facial muscles. Then you do the same with your lower lip.


I have been using the dermastrip for 2 weeks now, and my lips have become much fuller, which is not something that the manufacturers claim will happen. It has noticeably restored my youthful pout, particularly to my upper lip, which is definitely more pronounced. I don't use it the way they recommend, though, so proceed with caution if you decide to use it my way. Here's what I do instead: Once every other day, I exfoliate my lips, using gentle circles for 30 seconds, with the exfoliating wash that I use on my face. Every day, before I go to sleep, I moisturize as usual. I then insert the dermastrip inside my  mouth, under my upper lip. Then I put a thicker film of moisturizer like a white mustache on my upper lip. I then apply a product to my lips called Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask, which I get from Sephora. I sleep all night with the dermastrip under my upper lip. Again, this is not recommended by the manufacturer, but it works for me. It's also not particularly comfortable, but you get used to it. When I wake up, I take the dermastrip out of the upper lip, rinse it off, spread a thin film of moisturizer under my lower lip, and insert it inside my mouth, under my lower lip for 1/2 to 1 hour. It's a little more uncomfortable there than it is under my upper lip. 


Right now, my lips have plumped pretty quickly these past two weeks from the dermastrip, but my lip lines are not diminishing at the same rate. However, the manufacturers of the dermastrip say that it takes a month to see the lip lines diminish. Although AngelLift makes no claims that this will happen, I definitely see a difference in the shape and fullness of both my top and bottom lips. It's amazing how much younger your entire face looks when your lips are fuller! The great thing about this solution is that it works from the inside-out. In other words, it's not a surface "fix" like you get with cosmetics. It also requires no needles or cutting of the skin, and the results are very noticeable on me..


The drawback is that my lips are sensitive, especially when I eat spicy foods or salad dressings with vinegar. After a month, or when my lip lines show a noticeable diminishment, I plan to use the dermastrip only for 1/2 hour once a week, as the manufacturer recommends. Perhaps that will help with the sensitivity. It also helps to moisturize my lips during the day with Blistex, which has a soothing effect. 


I really hope this helps you! Good luck with it!



Re: Thin/Small UpperLip!

Hi Kam! I have the same exact problem and I've been a makeup junkie for awhile now and could never seem to get my upper lip to look more pronounced and loving lipstick I just couldn't give up! I watch a lot of youtube makeup tutorials and i'm not sure if you do but Jaclyn Hill is an AMAZING makeup artist and wonderful and giving makeup tutorials and a lot of great tricks to help with all types of faces and many things. I would greatly suggest giving her youtube channel a try she has a few videos helping with our lip issues haha! I hope this helps! 

Happy Holidays!



Re: Thin/Small UpperLip!



I remember seeing this video a long time ago, maybe this might offer some tips?




Re: Thin/Small UpperLip!

To help make your upper lip more pronounced there are plenty of approaches.


Basic lip guidelines state that if lips are naturally thin that matte finishes can exacerbate things, the reasoning behind this is because matte finishes don't reflect any light, giving lips a flat, one dimensional appearance. Deep or dark colors can also give thin/thinning lips a more severe appearance and aren't typically recommended. Now, with that being said, if you're a personal fan of bold, matte lip products, that shouldn't stop you from wearing them all together, that just means you have to find a bit of a learning curve to utilize them.


If you're wanting to explore highlighting/contouring for the lips/lip area, check out a break down I gave a user a while back (complete with product recommendations and guide images):


Though you don't have to get so detailed with your daily lip routine with all the steps covered in the above thread, a good starting place is finding a lip liner in a neutral soft shade that matches your lip's actual color (my go-to are the Nude liners from Smashbox's Always Sharp collection, they have four shades before branching into their more colorful options). Depending on your lips natural coloring, a lip liner ranging from rosewood, soft pink, nude-rose, caramel, or beige-brown could be used.



Though the above set of lips are certainly not on the thin or small side, take note at the placement of the liner itself. See how it slightly borders and extends to the outer perimeters of the lips themselves rather than line the exact lips? By going slightly outside the lines in a neutral color first, you're essentially recreating and drawing in the fuller lip shape you want. From there you can carry onto filling in your lips with the liner or going direct to applying your lip product of choice.



The above is a great illustration of this, the user is working with neutral, more "true to your lip" shades and that slight application of a liner outside the natural lip line and then filling in lips gives the illusion of fuller lips without looking too drawn on or harsh. Your goal is to create a soft, diffused line (take a smudge brush to line drawn if needed) rather than a hard, super defined line.


To touch base back into highlighting/contouring lips, a more basic approach is merely by adding a touch of gloss or balm with a reflective touch or shine to the center of lips. This is much easier than working with multiple lip product shades. 



For the above image, reference the #6 and #7 images. Both showcase red lips, and though the lip shapes are different, in comparison, the lips with a bit of glossy/sheen appear much more dimensional versus the matte lips. Since the slightly glossy finish is what catches light and thus gives the appearance of fuller lips, it happens to be more effective approach in conveying shape, volume, and fullness quicker than a matte finish.


If a full glossy lip isn't your forte or you fear risking color to bleed/feather, keep that gloss or balm just to the center of lips, which is naturally where the fullest part of the mouth is anyway.



Re: Thin/Small UpperLip!

I have a small mouth and generally don't wear lipstick which has been the case for so many years that I'd rather not say how many in specifics. Smiley Tongue However, I've got some embarrassing photographic evidence of what it looks like when drawing outside of your lip line goes terribly wrong from so very long ago that I'm not keen on repeating as I begin to follow through on my 2015 beauty commitment of wearing lipstick regularly. I was wondering if you had any additional tips to add with the fact that I frequently have to drink water and other beverages to keep med-related dry mouth under control? Choosing a lipstick shade in the middle-ground between light/nude and bright/dark seems like the best option (many of the lighter/nude shades make me look like I've time traveled with a makeup look in the style of a truck stop diner waitress from 1982...frosty alien is not a good look...too dark/bright can be too much for my pale skin.)

Re: Thin/Small UpperLip!

There is a fine line from drawing a very tell-tale line too far out from the actual lip line and having a softer, more subtle line sketched right along the outer perimeters of lips. A key component is also to find a liner that isn't too far off from your lip color. Too dark and the drawn on line looks too harsh and severe, too pale and the color just throws lips off and doesn't provide definition. 


We're not trying to go for this:

Though the gal's lips certain look larger and fuller, it's also very blatant and very obvious that her liner is drawn on extended beyond her natural lip line. Plus, the fact that her lip liner is darker than her lipstick shows a very clear separation of the two products.


This is what we're going for:


The extension of the line drawn isn't so far off from the lip's natural shape. Think of drawing that outer line right where your skin meets your lip rather than drawing entirely on the skin outside the mouth itself. By lining and then filling in the lips you're creating a more uniform look of color so you're eyes register the lip shape as a whole and not as two separate elements of lip color and then lip line/shape. When filling in lips, you can also use a smudge brush, q-tip, or finger to soften and blend the product so it's not so opaque (this is why I like creamy lip liners as they spread easier for this process).


Find cream-based formulas and finishes rather than those with a shimmer or frost. Since your constantly having to drink water to keep hydrated due to medical reasons, definitely fill in lips with a liner that is more of a natural shade to provide more ground for your lipstick color to "stick" to. This will essentially serve as a lip primer but do this after applying a hydrating balm and letting it absorb down so lips aren't super slick with product still. Lips should feel conditioned and comfortable but not have any tell-tale trace of balm left at its surface.


Lip liner brands that I love come from MUFE, Smashbox, and Urban Decay as those formulas are creamy and soft to apply (the Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liners come with a cap that keeps the tip of the pencil at a fine point so there's no need for a sharpener), plus they're all very long wearing. 


Smashbox's AS liners have 4 "Nude" shades that take the guess work out of trying to find a good neutral down some so it's a little less daunting of a task, in the below thread I provided swatch images of their Nude Fair, Nude Light, Nude Medium, and Nude Dark shades:


If you have time, take an extra moment and add the step of creating your own "stain" from your lipstick. Pat and dab lipstick onto lips with your finger or apply it with a brush/direct from the tube, blot with a tissue, then repeat the process so you're building up a soft, gradual layer of color without having too much of an emollient formula on lips. 


The process is explained further in the thread below:


If there's no time to build up a staining effect/layer on lips, then move to applying product (direct from tube or with a brush) but again, opt for creamy formulas that will feel more comfortable on lips or if you opt for high pigment formulas that might not serve toward the hydrating/creamy side, be sure to carry a balm to replenish moisture during wear.


MUFE's Rouge Artist Natural line is a great place to start in terms of looking for soft-shades or wearable tones that aren't a huge departure from what would be considered natural lip colors but just amped up/enhanced a bit more. I'm also a fan of Laura Mercier's lipsticks (Sparkling Pink is my go-to shade and I love the formula) which also offer a range of neutrals and a have a range of formulas from creams to sheers. The Nars Audacious line is one that offers a very solid delivery of opacity and pigment due to pigment oils that take to lips quickly and dry down; however, they're not the most hydrating formula so that's were keeping a balm to touch up would be beneficial.


By the way, what shade of foundation do you wear? Give me an idea of your coloring (including hair and eye color) so I can work on pulling references for lip colors for you! Smiley Happy



Re: Thin/Small UpperLip!

I wear MUFE HD 110 though most of the time it's deployed strategically as one would use concealer since my skin is pretty decent and the tone is consistent thanks to plentiful sunscreen use. My hair is currently medium-light brown ash-neutral base, eyes are green with a green-blue outer ring. I think I've gotten my hair color as light as I want it, which took a little more than a year to do gradually from the dark brown that I'd been having it dyed - when it was darker I felt like I had to put on a lot more makeup but it still was a little harsh with my pale skin. Last time I went in for one of the 45min makeovers the MUA used Buxom or Bite (whichever one makes your lips kind of tingle for a minute) but the first color was way too yellow toned that even she had a horrified expression for a second after putting it on me...I think we both said in unison "" the next color was a pinkish neutral which was decent but I wasn't excited about it enough to buy. My lips are naturally a not too light and not too deep rose color if that makes any sense. They're darker in color than the "starting shade" of the woman in the picture that has the darker lip liner outside of her lip line though.

Re: Thin/Small UpperLip!


It may have been the Buxom if there was a tingle. The Bite Beauty formulas are quite emollient and conditioning so that's another brand to check into.


Try the Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner in Nude Fair or even Rosebud which is more of a soft rose versus the Nude Fair which is more pink (Rosebud is one that I love to pair with their Be Legendary Lip Stick in Primrose):

Rosebud is swatched on the left while Nude Medium is on the right.


Primrose is on the left of the image with two swatches and then swatched solo afterward.


MUFE's Rouge Artist Natural shades to check out would be:


N4 - Pink Beige (swatch is dead center):


N14 - Soft Beige (second from right) or N16 - Beige Violet (far right):


N22 - Pink Peach (swatch on right):


For Laura Mercier, try:


-Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Spiced Rose (swatch on far left):


- CMLC in Creme Coral:


-Lip Colour - Sheer (available in 4 shades at Sephora: Baby Lips, Tender Lips, Healthy Lips, and Bare Lips)

I have Healthy Lips definitely more rosy, the formula is buildable so you can layer for a more opaque look. I almost got Baby Lips which wasn't as rosy, but the below image showcases Baby Lips better:


This should be a good place to start for the next time you venture to stores to swatch and test shades. Smiley Happy

Re: Thin/Small UpperLip!

Ooohhh I like the N16 MUFE, LM spiced rose, sexy lips and also tender lips - now I just have to get all of this info and put it somewhere that I won't lose it amongst everything I have on my desk. I work from home a lot so the piles of paper tend to get massive and keeping it on my computer isn't any better considering all the stuff on it. But thank you for all the swatches, I am looking forward to getting myself into Sephora to try them!

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