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The Fall Lip Challenge

Fall Lip Challenge Thread.jpg


Okay okay, so I know it isn't *technically* fall quite yet (we just had a heat wave in the Bay Area...) but we are just too excited to break out all of the mauves, browns and deep reds for this festive season! Whatever your take on a Fall lip is, we want to see your pics and hear your thoughts.


Here's the challenge: Dig into your lipstick stash and pull out those fall-themed lippies! Post below with your different looks and, of course, let us know what you're wearing. We love to hear application tips and your thoughts on the product.  


Can't wait to see what you're wearing. 


UPDATE: We are blown away by all of your beautiful lip looks we're seeing so far. I hope everyone is remembering to post their fall looks to the gallery for a chance to win our sweepstakes prizes! For more info on the sweeps, head here!

RE: The Fall Lip Challenge

Lorac in working girl. Never would've bought this color but it came in a set and is a new favorite

Re: RE: The Fall Lip Challenge

That looks great on you @howconnie I haven't tried Lorac lipsticks. Is it moisturizing?

Re: The Fall Lip Challenge

Nars “damned” lip pencil!






Re: The Fall Lip Challenge

That is beautiful on you @sabrinas

Re: The Fall Lip Challenge

@sabrinas that shade is gorgeous!!

Re: The Fall Lip Challenge

Wowy @sabrinas!  This shade is amazingly beautiful Heart  and you always have those killer lashes girl Smiley Wink 

Re: The Fall Lip Challenge

My lips are stained pink by Tom Ford Ravenous and I've applied MAC Mariah Lipglass in Butterfly Bling overtop.   Not really a lipstick but it kinda goes with my look.  A big group of us are doing a Star Wars themed Halloween in Japan this year and I will be Rey, so I'm working on my bronzing game. I'm also running the 3D printers and making me a blaster and staff.  IMG_5171.JPG



Re: The Fall Lip Challenge

Gorgeous @heartsmyface!  You're gonna make an excellent Rey Heart


We love our 3D printer Smiley LOL  it's so much fun! 



Re: The Fall Lip Challenge

Hehehe!  Thanks!  Omg he's so cute!  We mostly use ours to make remote control cars and fix up parts! @ZombieMetroAntIMG_5182.JPG






Re: The Fall Lip Challenge

Oh @heartsmyface you look so angelic!

RE: Re: The Fall Lip Challenge

Love this look!

Re: The Fall Lip Challenge

That is really beautiful on you! @heartsmyface I also really like your shadow.

Re: The Fall Lip Challenge

I don't know about Rey, but this look definitely looks celestial! Also, your own 3D printer? That's #lifegoals right there Smiley Surprised

Re: The Fall Lip Challenge

I need to work on my desert bronzed face some.   I expect I'll look dirty for a few weeks while I figure it all out.  It's been a long while since I've wanted to look tanned. .  Celestial is good thoughSmiley Wink. Thank you.  

LOL, we have...a few(7?)...and a cnc machine.  3-D printers are fairly cheap to buy nowadays.  They take a bit of tinkering but it's satisfying making parts and well, anything you'd want out of pvc plastic.  @greenteafueled

Re: The Fall Lip Challenge

They sound so handy to have around for projects and costumes, we might just bite the bullet and get one when we have more space.

Ps. If you're a star trek fan at all, I think you would make an AMAZING Seven of Nine. Just sayin.

Re: The Fall Lip Challenge

Estee Lauder Pure Color Love in Nova Noir

This is actually meant to be a topper, but I love it on its own too. Sheer color, but still rich, and glitter too? Yes please 😃IMG_20170926_140003153.jpg



Re: The Fall Lip Challenge

That is so pretty @RGbrown And that is so pigmented for a lip topper!

Re: The Fall Lip Challenge



 Fall lips are my favorite! Love my Kate Von D vampire liquid lipstick! 

RE: Re: The Fall Lip Challenge

Vampira is one of the few KVD lips I don't have! lol I think I'll buy it now. It's gorgeous!

Re: The Fall Lip Challenge

I love that whole look @AmberlyMarie

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