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The Best Nudes to Nectars

So I often find myself LOVING nude lips, but I'm always afraid of looking a little too washed out. My lips are pretty pink naturally, so I was looking into nude/nectar glosses, tints, ad lipsticks. I was just wondering what some of your fav's are!


Smiley Happy


I've considered:

Benefit's Lip Plump (for it's raved about nude colour)

MUFE's nudes (but I'd definitely have to try them in person to make sure the colour goes since they're full coverage)

Buxom gloss in Amber (to dull my pink lips, more nectar colour)

NARS gloss in Giza (for the gorgeous nectar colour)

Tarte Lipsurgence lip tint - in Joy, Peaceful, Glisten, or Buff


Any other BIG Favourites you have?? I love hearing about other products that I may be missing out on!


Smiley Wink

Re: The Best Nudes to Nectars

Hi Fashionflaw,


I really like the Buxom Big and Healthy Lipstick in Nantucket (peachy nude) because it is the perfect nude shade with a hit of warmth to it. I also like that it plumps your lips and has a wonderful smelll to it.


<3 Melissa

Re: The Best Nudes to Nectars

i am very fair so the fabulous nude glosses IMO are nars sweet dreams, MAC in sugarrimmed, and chanel glossimer in paillettes. bonus points if you have a tan, these glosses look so HOT when you're tanned!

Re: The Best Nudes to Nectars

I have pink lips too and strangely, have only one nude lip gloss (as opposed to my 1000 pink/berry/coral)! Sooooo my one and only nude lip gloss is Burts Bees super shimmer lip gloss in Nectar Nude. It's the one all the way to the left!

Hope this helped! Smiley Happy

Re: The Best Nudes to Nectars

My top three favorite nude lip colors are:


- MAC Hue

- MAC The Faerie Glen

- Revlon Primrose 


I'm a medium colored, yellow-toned gal but I know that these shades are flattering on a variety of skin tones. Smiley Happy

Re: The Best Nudes to Nectars

I just got my first and only nude lip color not too long ago and its NARS Lip Lacquer in Chelsea Girls. I too have naturally pink lips that are pretty pigmented and this color gives me full coverage and it looks so natural and beautiful, especially with darker eyes. Even though it looks like a very small pot the formula is very thick ( and just ever so slightly sticky---I hate glosses and refused to buy them anymore the last 4 years but this formula doesnt bother me at all) so it will last for months even if you use it everyday. I am thrilled with my purchase.

Re: The Best Nudes to Nectars

There certainly are many great nudes out there. But when I think of the BEST nudes, I think of NARS. Blonde Venus is a deeper nude, good for people who want nude but feel it washes them out. Honolulu Honey is a honey colored nude and BEAUTIFUL. Belle de Jour is a traditional nude. Crusing is a pinky nude, VERY PRETTY if you want a Kim Kardashian inspired lip. And finally Viva Las Vegas and Promiscuous both are nude shimmers. Try Niagra if you want nectar lip. They look beautiful and stay on great without drying Woman Very Happy

Re: The Best Nudes to Nectars

MAC Shy Girl is my absolute favorite peachy pink lipstick. I love the creamy texture, staying power and just the color itself. Some others that I like a lot are Chanel Chintz and Dior Vintage Coral. (lipsticks)

Some glosses that I Like are Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Imaginaire (FAVORITE), BE Buxom in Bunny, MAC (there are way too many), and NARS in Orgasm.

I love nude peachy pinks so definitely give one of these a try! Smiley Happy


ps these are all semi nude, but not in the flesh toned concealer sense. these are more peachy since I find that they make the face glow more instead of washing it out.

Re: The Best Nudes to Nectars

I don't often wear nude lippies, but when I do my favorites are both Urban Decay Lipsticks in the shades Naked and Rush. Smiley Happy

Re: The Best Nudes to Nectars

Great question! My favorite nude lipstick at this moment is the Dior Serum De Rouge Luminous Color Lip Treatment in Nude Serum 510. It looks and feels gorgous and totally hydrates my lips. Love it!


Re: The Best Nudes to Nectars

I like nudes, too -- for me, the best nudes have a hint of pink in them. My favorite is NARS Cruising, a pink nude. NARS Belle de Jour is a classic, neutral nude -- very pretty. I can't wear nudes with peachy undertones without looking really washed out.


In terms of gloss -- for sheer glosses, I *love* Fresh Sugar Lip Gloss -- it's definitely my favorite. Sugar Baby and Sugar Charm are both pretty nude shades...and, while it's expensive, I love Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Insouciance, which is a pretty neutral nude with decent coverage. It's not sheer, and it lasts much longer than a traditional lip gloss does. Love!


Fresh glosses:


NARS lipstick:


: )

Re: The Best Nudes to Nectars

I have fair skin too, so I don't want to look washed out, either, so my absolute favorite nude/pink lipstick is MAC's cremesheen lipstick in "shy girl". I is gorgeous! I love how it's a nude colour, but yet pink at the same time. But, if you really want a nude lipstick, MAC's cremesheen lipstick in "creme d' nude' is the best. MAC has the best lipsticks by far! Smiley Happy

Re: The Best Nudes to Nectars

@beebrunet I have some of MAC's lipsticks and absolutely adore them! I have 2 sheen supremes that I'm in love with for their texture AND smell (vanilla-esque) and I have a creemesheen gloss, but other than the Sheen Supreme Bare Again I don't have any nudes from Mac, so I'll go take another look! Thanks.


@katie1724 Oooo, I'll go take another peak at NARS... They're pricey but I've really enjoyed their products when I've gotten them. It's also really funny that I JUST put Fresh Sugar lip gloss in Sugar Baby in my cart! So that's a good sign that I'll love it!

Smiley Wink Thanks!


@oliviabt This is funny too, for a month or so, now, I've been thinking about the Dior Serum du Rouge! I keep putting in my basket, then taking it out again.... It's sitting in my shopping list waiting for me to hmm and haw over again... Which I've just started doing again! haha, they sound really nice!




Re: The Best Nudes to Nectars

@fashionflaw: I don't think you will be sorry with the Fresh glosses! They really are my favorite -- such pretty colors, they don't cost a fortune (well, relatively) and they smell great! Smiley Happy

Re: The Best Nudes to Nectars

 After searching high and low for the right nude lipstick for myself, I recently discovered one I really like-Sephora lip attitude glamour in dolce nude. It is nude but doesn't wash me out. All the Mac nudes make me feel like I slathered concealor all over my lips. Plus I find that the sephora lipstick smells really good. It is also a steal at $12.

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