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The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

Hello BIC! Can you guys all believe October is almost coming to an end? We’re so excited it’s officially fall, which means it’s time of to bring out the browns, nudes, mauves, maroons, plums and all of our fall-color lippies.


It’s sad but true that we don’t have a typical “fall” season here in San Francisco but all of us are still embracing the new season, and that’s what counts!


On the heels of the 100 days of lipstick challenge and to get into the fall season, we are bringing back one of our favorite threads from last year, the Fall Lip Challenge! Let’s talk about all of your fall lipsticks, glosses, mattes, stained looks, liners and lipcare regiments. Use this thread to check in with others and post photos of your looks, products and swatches – whatever you want to share! Of course, we also want to know your thoughts, tips and honest reviews on all of the lip products you’re wearing or testing out this fall.


To get us started we took our first fall lip challenge photo @LexBT wearing Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Walk of Shame, @KatieBT is wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in Kristin, and I decided to start this challenge with one of my HG, Too Faced Melted Chocolate Lipstick in the shade Chocolate Honey.




We cannot wait to see your fall lip looks!


In case you haven’t participated in a challenge before here’s an overview on how to join in on the fun:

  1. Shop your stash! Many of us have cosmetics drawers full of lipstick so it’s a great chance to fall back in love with your faves
  2. Share your pictures! We love to see what you’re wearing so photos and swatches are encouraged
  3. Tips and technique wanted! We love photos but want to hear about how you applied, your lip care regimen, etc.
  4. Post as often as you’d like. You can post daily (highly encouraged) or pop in every week… Up to you!
  5. Have fun! We are here to celebrate lipstick after all.


If you're taking photos of your looks for the challenge, be sure to cross-post to the Gallery for a chance to win a fall beauty bundle worth over $500 USD. Details below in the spoiler!


We have a sweepstakes taking place right now on the Gallery for fall lip! It is all November long, from 11/1 - 11/30 and everyone is allowed to enter once every day as long as you post different photos each day. We will have three winners who will receive a fall beauty bundle worth over $500 and winners are randomly selected. See below for instructions and how to increase your odds of winning. 


Be sure to check out the official rules for all the details. If you're on the Sephora app search "Sephora Gallery: #FallLipSweepstakes Official Rules" to access the rules. 


Here's how to enter:

  1. Head to The Gallery ( or in the Sephora App)
  2. Click the + to add/upload a look
  3. Upload your Fall Lip look to the Gallery
  4. Include #FallLipSweepstakes in your title
  5. Tag at least one lip product that you used or could have used in your look
  6. Select a group (Lip Lovers, perhaps?)
  7. Accept terms and conditions and post

We have an incredible prize and the winners are randomly selected so this isn't based on your photography or makeup application skills. If you enter multiple times, you are increasing your odds of winning. 


Each of the three grand prizes will contain the following:



Re: The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

Repeated a shade I wore this summer for the 100 Days of Lipstick thread. This is ColourPop Lux in Getty. Of all the cream bullet teals (well, this shade of teal) I’ve ever tried, Getty’s the best. 


42FD1301-E60D-4EB7-9575-F52F3F59984D.jpegWelp, I guess we only got one month of true fall weather this year... someone’s flipped the winter switch on.


In photos like this, I can see how my skin’s trying to adjust to 30 degree weather after a week in 90 degree weather. Smiley Very Happy Someday it’ll settle down. 

Re: The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in N2

This is beautiful vibrant color. As always I toned it down by tapping it into my lips with fingers. I love  this formula, it’s so long lasting and pleasant to wear. Highly recommend it!!7378E24A-BE28-4CB3-9551-64335FC4F68C.jpeg




Re: The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

@katkapivarci I love how vibrant that shade is, even after you toned it down. Very nice!

Re: The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

@katkapivarci everything about this look is gorgeous!! So glam, I love it!

your lashes are gorgeous! and the lip color just pops! @k...

your lashes are gorgeous! and the lip color just pops! @katkapivarci

Re: The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

Today I rediscovered Hourglasses Girl lipstick in Futurist a warm nude that is super comfortable on the lips! I wore it with a warm mustard eyeshadow look using the Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette by Morphe 💜 





Re: The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

@melissapurple22 Such a lovely nude!! And I love your eye look. I was goong to ask what did you use but as I was reading the description you answered it 😊

RE: The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

I can’t get enough of the Too Faced Melted Matte in Hot Buttered Rum! I need to find more of these kits just for this color lol.

your look is so beautiful @Mcakes

your look is so beautiful @Mcakes

Re: RE: The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

@Mcakes Gorgeous look!! Lips, eyes, cheeks.. I love it all❤️❤️

Re: RE: The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

Wow, girl!   You look sooooo amazing!  I love that Too Faced Lippie, too!  I am especially loving your eye look, though!  Slay!!!!   @Mcakes

Re: RE: The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

@Mcakes you look adorable as always! 😘

Re: RE: The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

Ooo very pretty @Mcakes! Does this TF set smell (or taste?!) nice? 

Re: RE: The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

@Guessgal All the too Faced lippies from that collection smell amazing!

Re: RE: The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

Ohhh thanks for letting me know @gonerogue Now I am very tempted to snag a set! 😏

Re: RE: The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

@Guessgal the colors are amazing and smell amazing so nows the perfect time to snag it before the sale ends! 😉

Re: RE: The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

@Mcakes I love the look of Hot Buttered Rum but your eyes are the scene stealer! Smiley Happy 

Re: RE: The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

@Mcakes  I love this Hot Butter Rum!! This looks great on you and a nice fall color!! Your eye look is really pretty too!! 😊

Re: RE: The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

That is SUCH a pretty shade! Hot Buttered Rum looks beautiful on you! @Mcakes

Re: RE: The 2018 Fall Lip Challenge!

@Mcakes That’s an amazing set! I wore Pumpkin Spice from it yesterday. I’d love to find a full sized dupe for it. 

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