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Talk to me about lip liners

I’m still new to makeup and don’t use lip liner right now but I’m very curious. Do I need liners? How do I know what colours to buy? Favourite brands? Give me all the deets! Thanks BIC!

Re: Talk to me about lip liners

@KehDee I tend to love lip liners! I find it gives more of a polished and defined look!



RE: Re: Talk to me about lip liners

Thank you! Glad for your input

Re: Talk to me about lip liners

@KehDee No, you don't need lip liners at all unless for the reasons in @WinglessOne informative post! You can also check out those colorless lip liners if you don't want to buy multiple colors


I'm more of a tinted balm/sheer lip formula type of person who's also lazy Smiley Tongue



Re: Talk to me about lip liners

@KehDee I love wearing lipliners with my lipsticks and glosses. It makes the lipcolor look more put together. I love a good nude liner that can go with almost any lippie color

like CT Iconic nude and PMG contour or even MAC Whirl.  Plus if you ever wanted to overline your lips a lipliner is the way to go. 

RE: Re: Talk to me about lip liners

Thanks for your recommendations @SportyGirly125! I’m going to give a couple of these a try next time I shop

Re: Talk to me about lip liners

I rarely use lip liners with bullets. [EDIT: I rarely use liners to achieve a clean outline or as a full base coat to make lipstick last longer.] For me, there’s no need for that. Smiley Happy There are exceptions, of course, and I do use them with all liquid mattes. Sometimes I use them with glosses and liquid satins.


Here’s when/why I use lip liners. 


Prevent feathering: Certain bullets are chronic bleeders. (Most of my Bite bullets, for instance.) So are some liquid satins and glosses. Lining my lips with pencil before applying lipstick usually prevents bleeding/feathering. I don’t completely coat my lips in liner for this. I just outline them. Sometimes liner alone isn’t enough for this; that’s when I also add a perimeter of lip primer as extra insurance. 


Improve wear time: A base coat of lip liner can help some lipsticks last longer. A few of my bullets wear away too quickly in the center of my bottom lip. Sometimes I can prevent that by applying a base coat of lip liner to that specific part of my lip. Sometimes I use lip primer for this instead, depending on the lipstick. 


Change or intensify color: A base coat of liner can tweak or enhance light, pale, or sheer shades of lipstick. It’s an old trick with glosses, but it also works with bullets. Back in the 80s, I sometimes coated my lips in black liner to dramatically change or enhance various lipstick shades. Nowadays, I sometimes do this with sheer bullets, sheer or semi-sheer glosses, and certain bullets that have a color shift I can enhance with a liner.  


Ombré effects: I do like to ombré various lipstick shades. Sometimes I just use 2 or 3 different lipstick shades for this. Other times, I use a liner as one of my ombré shades. Apparently there’s something called “lip contouring,” which can also be easily done with a lip liner + lipstick. 


Get a crisp, clean outline: I don’t need liners to achieve this with most bullets, but I do with liquid mattes. Lining my lips first helps me prevent overlining with matte doe foot applicators, so I don’t have to do any cleanup before the matte dries down. And if you want a sharp crisp outline with most glosses, a liner’s your best friend. 


Here’s an example of choosing liner colors: 


8728872A-502E-48A5-BB94-F13E5DF9E4BF.jpegUD Firebird with 3 different lip liners
That’s 3 different liners and one of my chronic bleeders, Urban Decay Vice lipstick in the shade Firebird. I never wear Firebird without, at minimum, a liner. Which liner I choose depends on the look I’m after that day. For an ombré effect, I’d probably choose the MUFE liner and blend it with Firebird for a smoother transition than my swatch shows. Smiley Very Happy For a simple slightly dark outline, I’d pick the NARS liner—though a full base coat of this liner can also bring out more of Firebird’s blue shift (you can kinda see what I mean in my swatch, where Firebird overlaps Le Lavandou). For a more invisible outline, I’d choose the MAC liner since it’s in the same color family as Firebird. 

You can also use a neutral liner that’s close to your natural lip color. Again, it all depends on what look you want to achieve. 

My favorite lip liners are MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil, NARS - Precision Lip Liner , MAKE UP FOR EVER - Artist Color Pencil: Eye, Lip & Brow Pencil , PAT MCGRATH LABS - Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil , and BITE BEAUTY - The Lip Pencil.

Re: Talk to me about lip liners

Wow, I learned a lot of stuff tonight! 😊 Thanks @WinglessOne ! 💖

RE: Re: Talk to me about lip liners

Thank you so much for taking the time to type all of this out @WinglessOne! Tons of great info here. I really appreciate your knowledge!

Re: RE: Re: Talk to me about lip liners

@KehDee  Glad I could help! 🙂

Re: Talk to me about lip liners

What an in-depth and informative reply, @WinglessOne ! I added some of your liner favourites mentioned to my loves list to purchase at another time (as I don't have any MAC liners!)



Re: Talk to me about lip liners

@l8totheparty  I hope you like them if you try them! MAC has 3 lines of lip liner, I think: Pro Longwear, Liptensity (which are sadly being discontinued, just like the bullets), and Lip Pencil. All 3 are great. MAC Lip Pencil in Cork is many people’s longtime favorite neutral lip liner, myself included. Smiley Happy 

Re: Talk to me about lip liners

I love Cork @WinglessOne . I also love Chestnut. I have quite a few lipliners that I haven’t used lately. I need to bring them out and play with them. 

Re: Talk to me about lip liners

Lip liners will make your lipstick last a  lot longer and also makes your lips look cleaner.  I really like makeup forever's lip liners and  Charlotte Tilbury's lip liners especially in pillow talk for the perfect nude lip. 


RE: Re: Talk to me about lip liners

Thanks for the recommendations!
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