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Response from Bite Beauty

Hi! I received a note from Bite a Beauty. I'm happy about it; we'll see how it goes. 

Re: Response from Bite Beauty

Wow, good catch.  Mods? Any insight?

Re: Response from Bite Beauty

Since Sephora already pulled the individual product, it's possible that the kits will be pulled until the name change is reflected.  On the other hand, if Sephora controls the products and distribution of the kits, I'm not sure they have any obligation to pull the product because one of the companies is changing a product name.  I think it would be the right thing to do for Sephora to pull the kits, but I do understand that doing so would likely mean tossing every existing kit in the trash since (as far as I know) it comes in custom packaging that isn't designed to be reused.


Hopefully I'm wrong about that last part and Sephora will make the necessary changes!

Re: Response from Bite Beauty

I think the easiest thing to do would be to send each store new labels that go on the bottom and take the old label off and put the new label on? Or something like that.

Re: Response from Bite Beauty

I'm incredibly proud to  be someone who regularly purchases Bite products and the classiness of their response makes me just love them even more as a company. Go Bite!

Re: Response from Bite Beauty

Agreed. Officially my favorite brand.

Re: Response from Bite Beauty

Thank you mrsbaine for your dedication to rectify this issue.

The new name is so much better for a lip gloss.

The only good thing that came out of this was that it educated some people on the topic of Strange Fruit and opened their eyes.

Also, Bite is an honorable company that has earned my respect and business. 

It was a mistake and they corrected it.

What more could we ask for?

Yes, they could have done research on the name before, but like others said, it is a Canadian brand and no one probably even thought there might be some negative connotations to the word.

I was more surprised that many Americans never heard of that song and the term.

I am glad that now many have looked up that song and the beautiful Billie Holiday because of this error.

This is a sad, terrible part of our history, but it happened and we cannot deny it.

What you did mrsbaine was make sure that this part of history will not be forgotten or overlooked.

You did not just do it for African Americans or the memory of Billie Holiday or the men and women who were subjected to atrocities throughout our history, you made a change for all of us.

And it is much appreciated.

I will compose a letter to Bite later, thanking them for their swift change of the name and respect they have shown this issue.

Thank you.





Re: Response from Bite Beauty

what's the new name? i'm very pleased with Bite as well. and Sephora as well for pulling it while the name is being changed. not at all pleased, however, with the way my post about this topic was swiftly deleted from BT a few days ago, though, and i wrote a letter to Sephora to express my disppointment.


going to go purchase more Bite now.


Re: Response from Bite Beauty

I thought I saw somewhere that said it was now "Lush Fruit." I wish I could remember where.

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