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Reddish Pink / Deep Pink Lipsticks!

So I've just recently discovered that I LOVE reddish pink or deep pink lipsticks.  I have no idea why it took me so darn long, but I'm obsessed now!  What's your favorite deep pink / reddish pink / raspberry lipstick?  Any brands or shades I MUST try?


I'm a long-time red lipstick fan, so I'm not completely new to lipstick in general, I never really looked at other colors though!  I just bought Bite Beauty "Quince" and I'm ordering "Palomino" this week.  So pretty!  If anyone wants to post swatches (of any pink lipstick you love) that would be AWESOME too!!

Re: Reddish Pink / Deep Pink Lipsticks!

Oh my goodness!  I have to admit, I often overlook Clinique because they seem like such a laid back brand - no aggressive marketing or strange ads.  But this lipstick looks just divine!


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