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Red lip too much?

I have a job interview tomorrow that I am very excited about! I'm always wearing bright colored lips and I love red so it's definitely me. Would a red lip be too much though? I just want to hear every ones opinion! Thanks. ( :

Re: Red lip too much?

Hi Rawrxjasmine.....


I love bold lips and if you were interviewing with me they would certainly NOT be a problem.


That said--- not everyone loves the look of bold lips and I actually know of people who find the look offensive.  This is not MY opinion.


I work in the beauty/fashion world. Bold makeup is just fine with me. BUT you need to consider your audience and the type of job you're interviewing for. Appropriateness varies widely and appearance is so subjective.

Re: Red lip too much?

Oh honey! A beautiful bold red lip is classic and perfect for making people remember you! I think you should do it. Good luck.

Re: Red lip too much?

I think it depends on the interview. If you are interviewing at a conservative place (church, financial industry, etc) you may want to go with a sheer red or something more subtle. If you are interviewing at a job that isn't as conservative (beauty industry, retail sales, etc) I would say rock it!


Re: Red lip too much?

I agree with roxystar- it's totally dependent upon the industry!

Re: Red lip too much?

I don't think there is anything wrong with classic red lipstick.  But your outfit should ALSO be classic- an appropriately tailored suit- and your hair should be in kind.

Re: Red lip too much?

it defientely depends on what type of position you are applying for.  I work in a male dominated construction-type atmosphere, and red lips would not be appropriate.  If i had worn something like that to my interview, I probably wouldn't have gotten the job as it would have looked unprofessional and out of place.


but if its something like beauty, fashion, etc. it would certainly be appropriate!



Re: Red lip too much?

Definitely depends on the industry and your interviewer, honestly I would play it safe with maybe a shade of rose. Even though I think it can look chic and put together, it is probably best to play it safe with a less (potentially) offensive color.

Re: Red lip too much?

Hi rawexjasmine,


I agree with the rest of the group that it def depends on the industry you're interviewing for.  If it was something like Sephora, I'd say go for it!  If its a position at a more conservative establishment, I would tone it down just a bit with some blotting, but still keep the great color.  I would also suggest keeping the eye makeup to a minimum & having your lips be your focal point.  Doing too much might with makeup can distract from the reason you're there & can sometimes be perceived as unprofessional.  While no where near the truth, first impressions only happen once Smiley Wink


xo, Mia

Re: Red lip too much?

I probably should have said it's a beauty related job! Thanks for the feedback everyone! 

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