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Opinions on BITE Lip Layers?

I've been eyeballing it, but can't decide if I want to buy it or not. I know it's only $12 but I still don't feel like buying something I won't like.


- How would it be for everyday casual wear?

- Is it strongly pigmented?

- How long does it last?

- Is it matte or glossy?




Re: Opinions on BITE Lip Layers?

Hi!  I love the Bite Beauty lipsticks.  The formulas are moist but not greasy.  I don't find that they creep or get gooey at all.  I happen to own the Layers that you are looking at.  These are two lipsticks are strongly pigmented but not in a way that is too much.  They are creme lipsticks so they are not matte but definitely not glossy.  More of a satin finish.  They have good staying power but they are not like ones that promise HOURS of wear.  I tend to find those formulas too drying for me.  As far as everyday wear- it all depends on what your makeup style is.  If you like to wear a nice bright pop of color and then play down the rest of your makeup, I don't see why you couldn't use these any time,  especially because strong lipcolor is really "in" right now.  I use these together and separately.  I think it's a good value  at $12. Hope that helps. 

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