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OCC Lip Tar newbie!

I want to get a couple of the OCC lip tars during chic week, but I'm not sure what to get since my store doesn't carry them and I'll be buying them online. I have really fair skin (shade 42 in Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation and Siberia in Nars Sheer Glow), blonde hair, and green eyes.


I've heard NSFW is pretty much the best true red lip, but I also wanted to get some for daytime/every day wear. Maybe one neutral and one bright color for spring?


Also, how necessary is the clear gloss? I know the directions say you're supposed to apply that first, but if it's not necessary I'd rather not spend an additional $16 for the clear one.

Re: OCC Lip Tar newbie!

We just got a new OCC Lip Tar set that has new spring/summer shadesSmiley Happy


Pro's Picks Lip Tar Set V3.0occ tar.jpg

<3 Melissa

Re: OCC Lip Tar newbie!

Oooh snap, I hadn't seen that yet! Guess what's going on my shopping list....

Re: OCC Lip Tar newbie!

Yayy! The colors are PERFECT for summer. I have 2 of the shades already but this kit is a good deal.

<3 Melissa

Re: OCC Lip Tar newbie!

I just bought the clear primer about a month and a half ago, and now I wish I had waited (boo)! Although, I guess of all of them, that'd be the one to go through the fastest. I don't own any of the other colors though, so this is super exciting to me! I own volume 1, which has darker and more fall-appropriate colors. My birthday is next month so maybe this is what I'll treat myself with! :-)

Re: OCC Lip Tar newbie!

Have you considered getting one of the sets? You definitely get the most bang for your buck and each comes with a nice selection of colors. Since they're all mixable you can easily create your custom shade from two or three combined. 



Original Set -




V2.0 -

As for the clear gloss, I would highly suggest using some kind of primer (whether it be OCCs or another brand of your prefence). I find with the consistency of the formula it will bleed and feather easily without priming.

Re: OCC Lip Tar newbie!

I wish you could make your own set because neither of those look really appealing for what I want. :/


For priming, do you think a clear lip pencil would work? I have the clear one from Urban Decay but rarely ever use it.

Re: OCC Lip Tar newbie!

I know, if only! I wish the first set included Feathered (pure white) instead of Melange (my least favorite of the group) so that you could easily lighten the other colors. 


Also, I think a clear lip pencil would definitely work. I have the MUFE clear lip pencil and find that it works well for me.


And as for a single color suggestion, what about Queen, or maybe Trollop if you're looking for something slightly less bold? Coral is such a beautiful color for spring, and would probably compliment your complexion well!


Re: OCC Lip Tar newbie!

Queen is a bit too much for me, but Trollop looks really nice! I found a website with swatches for most of the colors so that's really helpful. I was also thinking about Grandma and Marion.

Re: OCC Lip Tar newbie!

I have Grandma (from the set) and it is a nice color as well. I think it's slightly more on the nude side than on the pink side, compared to Trollop from the pictures...having a swatch on an actual person would probably be really helpful to compare them. Really though, I think any color in that family would probably be a nice fit for you :-)

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