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Not-Lipsticky Lipsticks

Alright, I'll be the first to confess to being a lipstick-phobe. It has just never felt right on me, I eat every 2 hours, am always drinking coffee, my lips get very dry and cracked in the winter, I obsessively rub my lips together and lick them, and my lips are already highly pigmented on my fair skin. But I'm obsessed with chapstick, and as I keep saying, the Fresh Sugar products.  


Let's say that I want to find something that was a bit more like a lipstick than a tinted lip balm for more special occassions. I've been looking at the YSL Rouge Volupte and Volupte Sheer Candy, Bobbi Brown Lip Color, as well as Clinique Almost Lipstick.  The downside to Clinique being that I've swatched them, and am not really in love with any of the colors for me personally. I tend to like peaches and neutrals, never berries or darks.


So, any suggestions of lipsticks for the lipstick-phobe? Smiley Happy Throw them at me, I'll consider anything you guys love. You have good taste.

Re: Not-Lipsticky Lipsticks

Thank you so much, everyone! You're all so helpful. I'll definitely give a YSL product a try then, as well as some of the drugstore ones you suggested. I haven't been satisfied with a drugstore cosmetic product in a long time, maybe it's time to revisit them. ^__^

Re: Not-Lipsticky Lipsticks

Your description of how your lips are in winter and how you often mess with them is an almost exact description of myself. I am also very fair skinned.

I just bought the Bite Beauty Louminous Creme Lipstick Trio, and love all three colors! There are two neutral nudes, and one darker soft red-nude. I have never bought a lipstick set where I liked every color, but this one wins. The darker color is nice for night time, and the lighter shades are very close to one another so I keep one in my purse and one in my car for touch-ups. Also, Bite products are very moisturising, and lack some of the harsh chemicals of other lipsticks. It's a good place to start, and with the Sephora return policy, you have nothing to lose.


Hope that helps!

Re: Not-Lipsticky Lipsticks

i'm kinda the same. revlon lipbutters, and the maybelline babylips are great for a cheaper one,(the tinted babylips come out very pigmented) and i would go for the ysl option. aslo, have you considered wearing lipstains? they last awhile, but you need to apply ( and re-apply ) chapstick over it. 

Re: Not-Lipsticky Lipsticks

I totally agree about Revlons lip Butters. Probably the only MU product I have bought in a drug stre in years and I love them.

Re: Not-Lipsticky Lipsticks

The YSL Stains and glosses they are some of the smoothest and longest wearing lip stains and glosses you'll ever find. Smiley Happy

Re: Not-Lipsticky Lipsticks

I'm a huge fan of the NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils.  They wear like lipstick but are very low maintenance like a gloss (but without the mirror-like finish).

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