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New perfume

Help I need to find a new perfume. I can wear cashmere mist and DNKY pure. I want to find a new scent please help.

Re: New perfume

Dot is a very good suggestion. Also Coach Poppy Flower,Also the Chanel Tendre or the Chanel Eau frachise. Hope this helps!

Re: New perfume

You should definitely try Marc Jacob's Dot. It's one of my favorite perfumes. It's light and airy, somewhat fruity and clean. It's the best.

Re: New perfume

Also Coach Poppy!

Re: New perfume

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana is AMAZING! Smells just like summer!

Re: New perfume

If you want a new fun scent, DKNY Be Delicious, DKNY Pure Verbena, and Armani Acqua de Gioia are all fresh, clean scent with a bit of fruity note.


If you want a new elegant scent, Dior J'adore is warm and a bit citrusy while Armani Code is a bit powdery/warm/mysterious with a note of tea.


I think Gucci flora, chanel chance and coach love are more similar to the perfumes you stated. I sniffed them before but don't have samples of them so I can't give an accurate description here.


All of them are very soft without any sharp note, altho J'adore and Armani Code last longer and are a bit stronger so you may want only 1-2 spritz of that while using 3-4 spritz of the other ones.

Re: New perfume

Are you wanting to stick to something along the same likes as Cashmere Mist and DKNY Pure?


Re: New perfume

There are lots of different perfumes and I don't really know what type of scent you want because you didn't really say. So if you want a floral scent I really like Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur. If you want a fruity scent you could also try DKNY golden delicious. You could also try their "be delicious" perfume, but I find the golden delicious is more appealing to me. I think that both of these scents would be really good for the spring/summertime!

Hope this helped!


Re: New perfume

Thanks for the advise....I am just looking for a new light scent that won't offend other or give me a headache...I will be open to any type of scent as long as its light... I never can tell what will trigger a headache responce.

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