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Need help with OCC Lip Tars, please

I just received the Pro Picks Vol. 3 the other day and have been playing with them. I watched the application video and followed the instructions to the letter. Unfortunately, I am not getting the same results. My clear is very oily/watery in consistency and never seems to absorb. I have tried waiting, using much less, tried blotting it prior to applying the colored lip tar, all to no avail. The cream colors go on beautifully, but do not last. The metallic colors come out very sheer. Could my products have been affected by the heat during shipping? That's the only thing I can think of. Any insight would be appreciated. Oh, and yes, I am shaking the living day lights out of the little tubes!

Re: Need help with OCC Lip Tars, please

i honestly have trouble with them bc i always end up looking like a clown lol but..maybe try putting a bit on translucent powder over your lips before and after..its worked for me before with glosses..

Re: Need help with OCC Lip Tars, please

The clear is a little thinner than the colored lip tars...  I've heard that the lip tars do have a tendency to separate and settle due to the vegan ingredients so I turn mine upside down for a bit-not shaking, and the color seems to go back to it's regular thickness if that makes sense...

Re: Need help with OCC Lip Tars, please

Hmm... it does sound like the consistency of your products is not normal.   I'm playing with Hush now because it is the only one I have in my purse. The consistency is liquidy, but not runny. 

I eat products off of my lips like crazy, so even "long lasting" products like lip tars only last an hour or so on my lips. 

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