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Megan FOX's and Kim kardashian's lips?

what are the best products that could make lips fuller without lip plumbers?

Re: Megan FOX's and Kim kardashian's lips?

Hi pink1207,


To get the illussion of bigger, fuller lips without using a lip plumper, I'd try the Cargo reverse lip liner.

It goes around the outside of your lips where  most people have a shadow around their lips. This allows to brighten and even out the area for bigger and fuller looking lips. It's a neat trick a lot of make up artists use. Along with illuminators and highlighters.

Re: Megan FOX's and Kim kardashian's lips?

Along with using products to plump the lip, you can also apply some highlighter on the cupids bow. The curved area obove the lip. It will give the illusion of a fuller lip. It works for me. I alternate between using the YSL Touch Eclat , and the Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer.




Re: Megan FOX's and Kim kardashian's lips?

Besides surgery and injections, lip plumpers are the only other way to truly make your lips larger, but by using different shading techniques and colors you can make your lips APPEAR fuller without the aid of plumping products. Listed below are some tips and tricks that should help you achieve the big lips you desire:


1. First block out lip color with a flesh-toned primer.

2. Then highlight above the Cupid's bow with a matte or pearlized pencil.

3. Next, draw slightly over your natural lip line with a deeper shade of lip lining pencil and blend inward.

4. Dab a light- to medium-toned lipstick over entire lip.

5. Now apply the lightest version of your lipstick shade or gloss directly in the center of your lower lip to create a pout. (Stay away from darker colors--they tend to make lips look thinner.)


Follow these simple steps for a plumper pout!


Hope this helps!




Re: Megan FOX's and Kim kardashian's lips?

Benefit Lip Plump is actually a lip primer -- NOT a plumping product, as it doesn't contain irritants or "plumping" components. It's nude colored and fills in all the tiny lines on your lips, making them appear fuller and velvety smooth. It can be worn under other lip colors once it's dry:


I find that, generally speaking -- in addition to all of the tricks to make your lips appear fuller -- nude colors generally give the appearance of fuller lips, as does a dot of highlighter in the middle of the lower lip.

Re: Megan FOX's and Kim kardashian's lips?

It's not necessarily the products as, what you do with them. Kandee Johnson has a good video on Youtube about how to make your lips appear fuller. Look under her plastic surgery video. She shows you how to line the lips, add the lip gloss, the lipstick, and what colors for you. Basically you need a good liner, the right color lipstick, and really any gloss that will match.

Good luck!

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