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Looking for a plum-berry lipstick

As my title suggests I'm trying to find a plummy lipstick for fall. I have light-medium skin with yellow undertones. I'd prefer a cream finish that is sheer-buildable. I have berry lipsticks, but I'm looking for something that leans a little more purple, while still being daytime wearable. Thanks!

Re: Looking for a plum-berry lipstick

I love Clinique's chubby sticks, they're very buildable. I've been using fuller fig but I swatched a few plum colors in store and liked most of the colors!


Re: Looking for a plum-berry lipstick

Thanks for asking, we have pretty much the same complexion and undertones lol.

Re: Looking for a plum-berry lipstick

You're welcome! I've been looking at so many swatches and stuff online and haven't quite found what I'm looking for yet. Many lean a little too red or are too deep and vampy.

Re: Looking for a plum-berry lipstick

I hear you! And I love berry tones on me too.


Anything with a hint of purple looks great, but not so purple it's, you know, PURPLE. Like, have you tried the Rhythm Box Stained Glass? it looks PURPLE purple in the tube but applies totally differently on the lips and is pretty darn flattering on me, I think Smiley Happy


I wear it during the daytime, but I don't know if it's office appropriate for everyone. BUT, because it is a stained gloss, it's a lot more sheer than OCC's normal lip tar formula. It is buildable though, but you can leave it more sheer for the daytime if you prefer it that way.


I wouldn't say it's plummy, though! It's more of a pinkish red with hints of berry.

Re: Looking for a plum-berry lipstick

I just googled swatches, even though it's not too purple it does look gorgeous... I may also have to get that. I do love a bolder pink lip and it looks so pretty!

Re: Looking for a plum-berry lipstick

Try Bite Beauty Lipstick in Shiraz. It's a gorgeous soft plum color. I really think that it fits what you're looking for.

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