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Looking for a fun purple lipstick!

Hey girls,


I'm in the market for a shock factor purple lipstick. My skin tone is medium-light with neutral/slightly olive undertones. I like the lok of the violet color from the YSL Arty Stone promo pics for Spring 2013. Also just stumbled upon the Bite Beauty lip pencil in Violet... has anyone tried either of these colors? Anyone have a suggestion for a different purple? I'm willing to try anything but no frosted lilac-y colors.



Re: Looking for a fun purple lipstick!

i would recommend lime crimes poisonberry as well ive never bought that shade but i have six of their colors and can't rave about them enough they go on so smoothpoisonberry2__32170_zoom.jpg and have a great pigment 

Re: Looking for a fun purple lipstick!

lime crime poisonberryimage.jpg

Re: Looking for a fun purple lipstick!

I don't know if this falls in the realm of "frosted lilac-y colors," but I recently purchased two of the new Buxom Full Bodied Lipsticks and I love them. One of the shades is a light purple (Swinger) and it's gorgeous and I think it's very wearable.



Re: Looking for a fun purple lipstick!

Hi Carolang-


I wanted to add a few moreSmiley Happy


Sephora Collection Rouge Shine Lipstick

No. 47 Heartbreaker - Glossy - sheer royal purple

rouge shine.jpg

Stila After Glow Lip Color

stila after glow.jpg



<3 Melissa

Re: Looking for a fun purple lipstick!

One of the most popular purples that I have observed is Mac's Rebel --->

rebel mac.jpg

although it is dark, I find it look nice on my skin tone, which is medium which yellow undertones. 


I also Like the very affordable Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Violet Frenzy.  This Revlon Lipstick is also very moisturing and silky.  I think the color would look good on several different skin tones. 


revlov violent.jpgviolet frenzy.jpg

Re: Looking for a fun purple lipstick!

I've seen some good ones from MUFE


pearly violet


N28 Purple


Re: Looking for a fun purple lipstick!

Hi carolang,


Have you looked at Illamasqua? They have amazing pigment and two beautiful purple shades:


Underworld (iridescent violet)

Illamasqua - Lipstick


Kontrol (matte deep lavender)

Illamasqua - Lipstick

I also have a pretty purple lip called "up the amp" by mac , and look at our Sephora Glossy Gloss in "#16 Tangy Bite"

Glossy Gloss\


and the Bite Beauty High Pigment Matte Pencil in "Violet"

High Pigment Matte Pencil




Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Looking for a fun purple lipstick!

Ah underworld looks awesome! Will have to go in and swatch

Re: Looking for a fun purple lipstick!

oh and sephora's Heartbreaker

Re: Looking for a fun purple lipstick!

try lime crime's Poisonberry

morgana's crypt sugar plum

or geek chic cosmetics Chrysalis

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