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Little bumps on my Lips

So I have tried a few new lipcolors over the past few days (one lipstick, one lip liner and one lipgloss).  Last night I noticed I had some hard, white bumps on my lips (about 4 or 5 of them) that JUST showed up within 48 hours. They were about the size of small acne bumps, not itchy, just bumpy feeling and my lips were SUPER dry.  I have never had this before.  So I popped them and they are gone & have not spread- whew! I have been just using a tried and true natural lip butter since.


Has anyone else ever had this reaction to lipstick, gloss or lipliner. If so, which ones? 


I think it was/is an allergic reaction.  Now the fun task of finding out which of the three is the culprit. Smiley Sad



Re: Little bumps on my Lips

Ok, so I think two of the products are causing issues. One of them is just BAD. I used the revlon last night and I woke up with super sensitive lips. The skin is super raw and it peeled off so much that I had to wear triple antibiotic ointment on my lips for part of the day (i wore a natural lip balm the other 1/2). Even my fav SA at Sephora was like "what happened to your lips?!"  Sad sad. I will be returning revlon for SURE.  

Re: Little bumps on my Lips

wha---?  that's terrible!  which revlon product was it?  please don't say a lip butter!

Re: Little bumps on my Lips

super lustrous. bad bad (for me anyways)


I also think I am having issues with the LORAC trendsetter gloss (i am sad about this cause I really like the color)


Re: Little bumps on my Lips

Wear only natural lip colors.

Majority of lip products are full of chemicals.

I would say it was your lipstick.

Best to check the ingredients of products.

Re: Little bumps on my Lips

i used to only wear natural products (100% Pure, Alima Pure, and other items that deemed safer- like things you can get at whole foods). But I have been branching out the past 4-5 months and def had a reaction to Revlon lipstick BUT the revlon naked foundation makes me break out less than my pure foundations... So I am going to keep trying.


I bought some Origins Lipstick 2 days ago and am going to give that a go.



Re: Little bumps on my Lips


Re: Little bumps on my Lips

it doesnt say anything in the product description on Revlon's website.  Just so weird! The bumps went away and then a week later when I used it again all the skin peeled off my lips. (not all of it) but it peeled off to the point they were raw, red and very very sensitive.

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