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Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Hi all,


Wondering if the Lisa Eldridge lipsticks are worth hunting down? Thoughts?

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@WinglessOne  Buying more polish was the right thing to do! 😉  I don't wear nail polish and I considered buying one just because the bottles are gorgeous!  But then, that would be another item to dust.


You know, my nails do not grow because they split and shred at the tips.  Do you think regular nail polish use would help that?  I think it may be because time is marching on, and pushing me along with it...

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Ispend2much6  I started posting in the Show Me Your Nails 2.0 thread this year specifically to help me reach my 2022 goal of healthier nails and the skin around them. My nails used to split and shred a lot, too. What's helped me the most: 


  1. Nail oil at least twice a day  - I use e.l.f. All The Feels facial oil on my nail beds, fingertips, and rest of my hands daily: after my first handwashing of the day and right before bed. I'm still trying to get into the habit of oiling my nails and fingertips each time they get wet. During manicures, I often use CMD RescueRxx nail oil; that one's fragranced to smell kinda like almond extract. After using any oil, I top it with a hand cream. If you apply oil before you coat your nails with a base coat: let the oil sit on your nails for at least 10 minutes, then wipe each nail clean with nail polish remover to get the oil off the nail surface. Then apply base coat. 
  2. Keep nails covered with something at all times - this can even just be base coat, with no polish or top coat. Doesn't have to be a "nail strengthener" base coat, either. The goal is to always keep a protective coat of something on my nails. A 2-in-1 base/top coat can work for this; that's really the only thing they're good for. 😄 
  3. Reduce water exposure - this one's hard for me, but water does contribute to nail splitting. I'm not comfortable wearing gloves to rinse or handwash dishes, especially glassware or knives; I never feel I have a good enough grip on the glass/knife. But I do wear gloves when cleaning surfaces so I won't have to rinse or wash my hands afterward. I won't go as far as wearing vinyl or latex gloves when washing my hair, but some folks do. 
  4. Ditch nail clippers - they make shortening nails and removing splits quick and easy, but they can cause more in the process. 
  5. Glass/crystal nail file (with etched grit) - the grit's usually fine enough to not cause lots of shredding, yet quite effective for shortening and/or shaping nails. 
  6. Don't buff the nail bed - by that, I mean buffing enough to make nails shiny. Buffing the surface of your nails can thin them out. You don't wanna lose layers of nail, especially on nails that are already prone to splitting. 


Other folks will advise good habits like not using nails as tools. I'm not very gentle on my nails, though: in addition to piano and frequent typing, I still sometimes use my nails to open cosmetic product boxes, pick at the super obnoxious shrink-wrap that coats some eye and lip liners (I hate that stuff so much)—and I really need to stop doing that. But yeah, try to reduce picking at various things with your nails. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@WinglessOne  Those are excellent ideas; thank you!  Oils seem to be the "duct tape" of the beauty world, at least for me. 

Didn't even think about typing, but I can see how that stresses nails.  Less computer for me would be a good thing anyway.

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

I think this might be the surprise. Looks like there are 6 more shades of the liquid shadow being previewed at her pop up


Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Oh fun @Mochapj , she hinted or maybe said new shades coming. Did you try any, can’t recall.  I did not. Her pop up shop lip carousel looks darling. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Sunnysmom  I have 2 shades of Lisa's liquid eyeshadow: Liza and Diana. Both are easy to finger-blend, and they really do feel lightweight. They never get that dried-out crusty feeling some liquid shadows do on my lids. They're also quite metallic sparkly without looking like chunky glitter bombs, if that makes sense. 


Here's my old (and dimly lit) swatch photo from the day both shades arrived: 


I didn't aim for sheer coverage while finger-blending these swatches, but I'm sure it's possible.I didn't aim for sheer coverage while finger-blending these swatches, but I'm sure it's possible.


I'm interested to see all the new shades. If one's much more purple, magenta, or berry than LE currently offers, I'll probably order it. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Sigh, those are so pretty @WinglessOne . That Liza is the one that almost got me! Good to know your thoughts thank you. I’m also intrigued by Violette’s liquid shadows. They look pretty pigmented but not dry. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Sunnysmom no, I didn’t end up trying any. None of the first ones really spoke to me but liquid shadows aren’t really my favourite so I wasn’t too broken up about it.


curious to see what the new shades look like though 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

I’ve gotten into liquid eyeshadow the past year + or so, ever since i tried rare nearly neutral but all of mine since are matte. Was the shelf life on these short? I remember everyone talking about that at some point. The original shades didn’t interest me and i don’t reach for shimmer all that often. I just recently as of like last fall got back into it and purchased 3 VB lid lusters so I don’t know that something like this would get enough use in my collection. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Same @Mochapj , I have never had good luck with any of this idea, Chanel or others. They alway intrigue me tho. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

More comparisons






Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Thank you @Mochapj ! Je Ne Sais Quoi looks (to me) like a semi-sheer PAT McGRATH LABS MatteTrance™ Lipstick Fever Dream in those swatches, though Fever Dream might be a bit warmer. I have Fever Dream, so curiosity wants me to order this Lisa Eldridge shade just for comparison's sake. Which I won't do. But it'll be fun to see other people's brand comparison swatches, if anyone does a few. 


I was on the fence with Strawberry Shock but chose New Wave instead. In those swatches, Strawberry Shock looks very familiar but I can't place the brand or shade. I have Velvet Morning, and seeing it swatched beside Strawberry Shock tells me I made the right decision to buy New Wave instead. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Some swatches of the new Lucents


Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Here are my picks! Curious to see what Night Thoughts, Meet Me in Berlin, and Strawberry Shock look like as the posts and reviews come out. I was also hoping for a blush restock in different packaging.


Screenshot (446).png



Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Fun assortment @TraceyEB ! Palazzo and Night Thoughts excite me! Can’t wait to see New Wave on your guys. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@TraceyEB Oh love your shades! Also jealous of your prices! LOL

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@ChristalM, I ordered my mother-in-law in Canada an assortment of Lisa's cosmetics as a gift and was notified that I owed $45  in Customs/duties from the UK payable upon delivery.  That expense and the lack of transparency in the total price turned me off. It would be less expensive if LE shipped her products from the US warehouse to Canada.

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

So what is everyone getting? LOL


I am considering at the moment:


Je ne said quoi-although I love the look of it in her video but not sure how this will tranlate on me. 

Meet me in Berlin-more of a fall shade for me. I am afraid it will be too "nude" tone for me

Night thoughts-again a fall shade for me

Skyscraper rose-I regretted missing out on this one. Wonderful summer shade


And what is the surprise? Was anyone else really hoping for a blush restock? I was!


Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

they are here! Here are some (poor) swatches. I can't wait to try them on! I think the shades  will be ok on lips, fingers crossed. I will refrain from posting lip swatches as I have a nasty bump on my lip right now and no one needs to see that!LE LIP.jpg

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@ChristalM, the shades you picked up look so pretty. I passed on making a haul this going around but your swatches are making me rethink that. 😍 They all look very wearable and beautiful. Will look forward to hear your thoughts on how they wear. 💄 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

They look terrific on you @ChristalM , hope you’ll love em and your poor little lip bump heals soon too. Those are no fun. 

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