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Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Hi all,


Wondering if the Lisa Eldridge lipsticks are worth hunting down? Thoughts?

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Def. I took a shot because i was so drawn to the shade, far from my usual warm toned nude lol. I fear i may end up ordering dragon with light 2 but then when light 1 comes back in stock, tempted to get something else lol. What did you end up ordering the 2nd time ? And yea i think it’s because there’s still a lot in stock and we’ve never seen that happen haha. @Sunnysmom 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Ha I know @aviscardi , I was way out of my comfort zone with Blush lip lol. We are on opposite ends of the colors aren’t we!  It’s fun to go out of our comfort zones sometimes.  The first order I just got a few lip pencils and then I went back and added a fresh Myth and Jazz lip because mine felt kind of heavy draggy and I worried about them turning. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Sunnysmom  Sigh, now I know what I must do.  Request these as a Christmas gift. 🙂

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Terrific idea @Ispend2much6 ! I love to buy the Macs in minis too so I actually can use them up. 🤓 Hey how do you like your new LE lippies? 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Sunnysmom  It's funny but I like the darker two better!  Go Lightly is okay, but it's bordering on too bright without enough depth for me.  Those lip liners pack a punch- and they last!  My favorite is Midnight. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Funny @Ispend2much6 , glad you have some you like. Go Lightly looked pretty but no matter what I find her pics to not be quite right once I get em! Lol. I love love the lip pencils. They’re very comfy on the their own I think! 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

What brand and products are you guys talking about? 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@lcss716   The brand is the founder's name- Lisa Eldridge.  She sells her products from her own site, her name plus "dot com" and nowhere else.  They're great products!!

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

I’ll check in the morning @aviscardi . I suspect Myth is more to the red but maybe I’m wrong. I hate fomo!😂 ( Btw I am thinking the new Dior holiday lip is kind of similar to Cinnabar plus not quite as matte. It’s really nice! I wonder if one of their lip pencils would also be similar to it? Or Chanel of course.)

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Sunnysmom  No, I didn't get Myth.  It looks so pretty, but I've gotten rid of all of my vampy shades because they really are too dark for me. So, I was afraid to get that one.  It's one of my favorite tones though!

Jazz seemed warm to me, but warmer reds do better for me for some reason. 

I can see you liking Myth!


Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

That makes sense @Ispend2much6 , the shades you show us seem perfect for you. 😊

Yup I think Jazz is a dot warmer too, neutral I think . I was curious how the new holiday tube in Givenchy 37 compared so I swatched it just for fun on top of Jazz, Myth and then put Midnight too. (I think mine turned bec it’s super purple! Sure didn’t think it started that way?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Curious to see yours when you get it .) I thought 37 was closer to Jazz or Myth  and it isn’t so ignore it. Lol. My arm was too stained to start over!  (Sorry if pic dark. Tricky. These are clearly heavy swatches tho I didn’t really try to!) 



Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@Sunnysmom  The Givenchy is much brighter than the rest; pretty!  Jazz still confuses me. But, I think Myth would look fine as a stain!  Thanks for the swatches!

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

I know @Ispend2much6 ! Me too! Lol. It looks different in diff lighting too obv but you may like to pick it up sometime if not too vampy:). Yes the Givenchy velvet formula is very comfy, I do like it! 💞

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks








 ok these are some of the swatches she’s posted in the last few hours on stories 



Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Anyone ordering tomorrow? I really want Cinnabar and I missed out on Blush last time....but ouch the costs to bring into Canada. Pondering...

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

I’m thinking a few lip liners and maybe a lip @ChristalM . ( Needing the blush replacement that exploded for next spring release so glad that’ll be free at least. Lol.) I know she’s had problems due to supply issues so I’m glad she can at least release what she is able to! What did you decide on?

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Are they able to include the blush replacement in your order ?

oops i added cinnabar at the last minute. Not sure what came over me, i was very much drawn to the color but it’s completely outside the norm of what i wear.  I have this idea in my head for wearing affair liner and cinnabar almost blotted , will see if it works out lol. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

No not yet @aviscardi , not available even for exchange. Her team said will be after the new year . She really does have terrific CS, they’re on the spot it seems. 😊

Oh that sounds beauteous ! I wish I could wear those rusty tones, bet it’ll be amazing! I love Jazz, Myth and Ribbon and surprisingly can wear Blush which makes me happy for a lighter look! I’m looking forward to getting my lip pencils. They are so good! I seldom wear any except Chanel occasionally and these are wonderful. Do you like them as well? 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Ah yes. Ok i wasn’t sure i know some people got refunds until it’s back in stock. I haven’t tried her lipliners yet , i kinda just took a deep dive lol. I use CT, VB, MuFe & Vieve mostly, i might have 1 nars.


Oh those are bold ones you went for! I love the looks of dragon but that’s way too bright for me. I was deciding on blush or blush lightly but mauve sometimes goes grey on me so i wasn’t sure, not that I’m sure about cinnabar either lol. 

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

@aviscardi yes I did get a refund which was terrific. 🙂 I like to really blot the shades down with finger to blur them so they aren’t so in your face lol. I struggle with shades like Blush also but sometimes brighten them up with other colors helps me. Plus the matching gloss seems to do that. It’s so nice I think. I bet Cinnabar will be truly beautiful. Can’t wait to see it from you all! 💞

Re: Lisa Eldridge lipsticks

Was trying to respond yesterday but now the email notification takes me to web but when i try to reply it brings me to the app where there is no button lol. Anyhow , yes agree sometimes i do that with regular lipsticks too, I’ll apply and then blot off with a tissue and then apply a little more after.  I always think I’m not getting too many things and then i walk away with an extra item than I thought and $150 later lol. 

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