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Lipstick shades

I am an Indian girl with medium skin tone. I am looking for lipsticks that suits my skin. I have night time shades but want more natural looking day time shades. Any suggestions?

Also, if someone can tell me what lipstick shades are these in the pictures posted?9a2267cb577d30c9f976d912dc7ae68a.jpg43.jpg

Re: Lipstick shades

They appear to be a dusty rose shade for the top picture and more nude butterscotch/caramel color on the bottom.


Honestly, to find a good neutral shade that will suit various looks in make up without veering too far off from your natural lip color but have it look enhanced, pucker your lips and match your lip products to the shade on your inner lip. This gives a more realistic and accurate gauge of your lip color since your lips as is can often be a bit more flushed due to variating levels of blood flow.


Smashbox's The Nude Lipliners are great, and Medium is a deep, beigey pink suited for medium to tan skin tones and makes a great realistic base color to layer under lipsticks and glosses to prolong wear.


Take a look at the new Urban Decay lipsticks too in the threads below you can pair them with the UD liners.


I also love MUFE and Laura Mercier for a wide range in neutrals with wearable formulas!

Re: Lipstick shades

Hi LA indidangirl,
Those are beautiful shades for her skintone.  For something similar to those, I recommend:


Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Intense, 33 - satin fresh pink


MUFE  33 - satin fresh pink.jpg


Illamasqua Lipstick, Plunge


Illamasqua lipstick, Plunge.jpg


Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Intense, 24 - satin orange beige


MUFE 24 - satin orange beige.jpg

Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: Lipstick shades

Hey, I'm Pakistani and of the same skin tone as you! I bought Sephora's Rouge Shine lipstick in "No.16 Sweetheart" and absolutely love it. It's a light, bright pink and very shiny - great to wear during the day, or I apply two coats if I'm going out at night. Tarte also has some really nice pink lipsticks that will suit your skin tone. 

Re: Lipstick shades

You should try Buxom Big & Healthy Lipstick in the shade Bombay. It's a rose color that looks similar to the top picture.



Re: Lipstick shades

If you're looking for some really wearable everyday shades, I recommend checking out Too Faced la creme lipsticks. I'm Indian and have a complexion similar to the pictures you posted above and I really enjoy some of the colors in the collection. I think Spice Spice Baby might be a good option, its described as a pink brown. Honey Bear, In the Buff and Sweet Maple are also other shades I really like and are definitely neutral.

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