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Lipstick Troubles

I love lipstick, but I hate having to reapply it all day due to it wearing off. I was wondering if anyone knew what would be the best brand of lipstick to buy that would last the longest. It would really help me out. Thank you Smiley Happy

Re: Lipstick Troubles

I avoid lipsticks that say 'moisturizing.' 

Also careful of what goes on my lips before I apply lip liner & lipstick.


I love URBAN DECAY 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil ($20.00).

I generally use two lip liner colors depending on my lipstick shade, lightest to fill in entire lip, then darkest to outline/shade for depth/dimension.


If I want the sheerest look without the lined lip, I use UD's Clear in OZONE.

It works like a primer yet the texture is very smooth.

Re: Lipstick Troubles

I stumbled across a brand called LIP-INK yesterday and watched a couple of YouTube review videos and it looked like it would last while sleeping if you wanted it to Smiley Very Happy  I am thinking of trying it out... (not to move in on your post mellybagel, please forgive me) but if anyone on BT has ever tried this stuff, I'd love to hear your thoughts Smiley Happy

Re: Lipstick Troubles

Bite Beauty, the chubby lip pencils are amazing with pigmentation and lasting power.


You will fall in L O V E!!! Smiley Happy

Re: Lipstick Troubles

If you don't have super dry lips, the Stila Stay All day Liquid Lipsticks have unbelievable staying power, and they don't transfer at all, but they can be a little bit drying.


Also, maybe consider getting yourself a bottle of LipCote. It's a clear coating that you put over any lipstick to increase the weartime!

Re: Lipstick Troubles

I absolutely love my Nars Lipstick in Damage but I tend to have to reapply it throughout the day. My current favorite is Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Jilted. It goes on creamy and the color is vibrant and thick. It last a lot longer than my Nars.

Re: Lipstick Troubles

Bite Beauty, Givenchy, and NARS. They are super pigmented, and last a long time. Bite and NARS both leave a stain when they wear off, while Givenchy doesn't. Givenchy makes the best lipsticks though, the texture and pigmentation is unbelievable! 

Re: Lipstick Troubles

What about wearing a lip stain? MUFE has great lip stains that are long lasting and waterproof, but not oil proof.


I also love Givency lipsticks! They wear wonderfully and leaves a nice stain without being too drying like Bite for me personally.


Another trick you can try is to use a piece of facial tissue, take only one ply of it and gently blot your lips and reapply and blot until the color is perfect. I find that this leaves a nice stain.


Another tip is to put your lipstick on, take a single ply of tissue and hold it over your lips. Then take a good setting or finishing powder (MUFE HD Setting Powder is my favorite) and layer some of it on top of your lips over the tissue. I like taking a large fluffly powder brush and swirl it in my powder then dust it over my tissue that is sitting on top of my lips.

Re: Lipstick Troubles

Have you tried the too faced lip insurance primer? I love it because it turns everything into a lot longer wearing, even glosses!! As far as single products I like the Nars matte pencils, the YSL glossy stains and the hourglass opaque rouge lipsticks 


Re: Lipstick Troubles

Hi, mellybagel!  I like Bite Beauty and NARS.  The colors last for hours and they also leave a stain when they do start to fade.  I usually only re-apply after lunch when I wear either of those brands, and more so because I have the opportunity, not necessarily because I need to.

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