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Lipstick Shades

On the hunt for an awesome shade in dark lipstick. I've tried a bunch of colours and brands but nothing lasts long or has the dark pigment I'd like. Does anyone have some suggestions? Thanks :*

Re: Lipstick Shades

What sort of dark shades are you after? Reds? Purples/plums? I'm a huge fan of dark reds and I find layering a red lipstick with a darker liner helps bring out the intensity and fills that gap where there aren't a lot of super dark, rich red lipsticks. My favourite liner is MAC Burgundy but I believe you can go darker with Nightmoth. You can also use a black lip or eyeliner if you really need to darken it. Using a liner will also help the pigment stick around for longer. For actual lipsticks, I really like Maybelline Superstay 14hr in Wine and Forever for a really deep red/wine colour. Another suggestion would be to look a ranges targeted at women of colour such as Black Radiance and Iman. They're more likely to carry darker colours as standard.

Re: Lipstick Shades

Portland Black Lipstick Company makes lipsticks that don't come off until you intentionally remove them. Highly, highly pigmented and good if you're looking for odd colors (black, blue, green, purple.) 

MAC lipsticks in matte formulas are my go-to for dark lipsticks. They last the longest for me and come in a number of dark shades, which is usually my preference. If you want a brighter color (say, fuchsia or cherry red) to last longer, I'd suggest using a creme stain (like the Sephora Collection stain ) over your waterproof liner (suggested: Urban Decay 24/7 ) and under the lipstick of your choice. I have those cream stains in plum, purple, red, and fuchsia.

Oh, and a word of caution on dark, matte lipsticks - they aren't very forgiving and you need to keep your lips in top shape to use them more than once a week or so. Long-lasting lipsticks and stains can be (but aren't always) drying. You might want to make sure you have something like Fresh Sugar Lip Polish around, it keeps my lips exfoliated and helps with post-lipstick hydration

Re: Lipstick Shades

I really love the Urban Decay Revolution lipstick formula, and there are several dark shades. They are so creamy and last and last on my lips.  A couple of the very dark shades that I have are Venom, F-bomb, and shame.  I’m very hooked on this lipstick range!

Re: Lipstick Shades

I liked the UDs too.  The texture is fantastic!


Re: Lipstick Shades

I looked all over Sephora and Marc Jacobs in Saboteur was my most favorite:


The formula is very smooth and pigmented.  It is moderately long-wearing.  I use a lip pencil from Jordana if I want to not worry about it.  The color is a super dark red-violet, not too dull.  I feel like the hottest silent film star.Photo on 12-31-13 at 11.50 PM.jpg

Re: Lipstick Shades

Bite has a bunch of dark colors in various shades and formulations, I'd suggest checking them out. Odds are you'll find something that you like!

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