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Lipstick Playground

Hello there my fellow lipstick junkies!


This thread is a playground for all lipstick junkies out there. A place where we can share anything about our darlings. Because... c'mon! We need our personal space to play, right? 😉 Please, feel free to share anything and everything about your lovelies: hand/lip swatches, your staples, must haves, loved ones, not so loved ones, "fails", nasty lil buggers, lipstick of the day, new acquisitions, old flames, experiments, creative stuff, thoughts on lippies, challenges... lots and lots of photos, of course... You get the picture...  "Anything goes!"


Post, share, discus, and the most important thing - have fun!


I declare our lippie playground officially open! 🙂




Lippie junkies united!!! 😉


New, Spring 2017 Lipstick Challenge is here:



Re: Lipstick Playground

@MlleCC definitely check out Raw Chocolate as well, that one is also a terracotta and a bit lighter!

Re: Lipstick Playground


Re: Lipstick Playground

So true @lyravega


Re: Lipstick Playground

MJ Le Marc liquid lip creme in shush, blush. I find the formula very comfortable and extremely opaque on one swipe. Nice everyday colour I think..I hope they expand the colour range further since the rest of the colours are not shades I wear or can pull off. 



Re: Lipstick Playground

So pretty!

Re: Lipstick Playground

Such a beauty @Anewxa

Re: Lipstick Playground

This color looks gorgeous on you!

Re: Lipstick Playground

I'm a fan of the new Sephora Cream Lip Stain colours. I picked up #37 and #39, both of which are poorly named IMO.


Here is #37 "Pink Frosting", when really a grey-mauve to me. I'm LOVING these greyish nudes lately!



(I'm starting to watermark my photos with my insta username since @Anewxa caught some Asian beauty reseller using my photos without permission)


#39, which is a slightly rosy brown-grey, is poorly named "Frozen Strawberry". I wore this yesterday & like the colour but have no photos, but let me say it does NOT look like frozen strawberries!


I haven't worn the other colours I have for a while (#13 Marvelous Mauve and #14 Blackberry Sorbet) but #37 feels more liquidy, which makes it easier to spread and apply. Big fan if they reformulated these lip stains!

Re: Lipstick Playground

Lol OMG you do have gorgeous lips and everything looks amazing on you! Too bad they didn't ask you though 😬😬

Re: Lipstick Playground

Looks great on you @k617! This is almost what Nars Anna ends up looking like on me. The names are certainly odd but the new expanded colour range is stunning - these lipsticks really are my fav formula so good to know they perform just a good or better!


Good idea on the watermark..what app are you using? I am considering doing the same. 

Re: Lipstick Playground



I love it! Very cool tones and gorgeous on you. 

Re: Lipstick Playground

Happy New Year to all my lipstick queens!!!



Re: Lipstick Playground

Here we have Colourpop UM Smitten w/ metallic 3-way on top. A favorite combo of mine lately❤️


Re: Lipstick Playground

Dark and vampy. ❤ @StephaniLynn

Re: Lipstick Playground

Love that lip color on you, cute new piercing.

Re: Lipstick Playground

its looks good on you..i got myself first kvd liquid lipstick and i am obsessed with lips are so thins and ugly so i feel super embarrassed to post my photos of lips.. as soon as i am turning 16, i am getting lip fillers like Kylie..i really cannot wait though

Re: Lipstick Playground

You look beautiful. Your lashes look ooo la la! 🙂


Re: Lipstick Playground

@bem564 Thank you! I swear its the mascara! Estee Lauder knows what they're doing!

Re: Lipstick Playground

Super duper cute!

Re: Lipstick Playground

@Tamara76 Thank you:D

Re: Lipstick Playground

Nars Le Palace from the promo. I may have had some joker mouth happening by lunch, but the UD Fireball highlighter lasted all day. 


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