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Lipstick Playground

Hello there my fellow lipstick junkies!


This thread is a playground for all lipstick junkies out there. A place where we can share anything about our darlings. Because... c'mon! We need our personal space to play, right? 😉 Please, feel free to share anything and everything about your lovelies: hand/lip swatches, your staples, must haves, loved ones, not so loved ones, "fails", nasty lil buggers, lipstick of the day, new acquisitions, old flames, experiments, creative stuff, thoughts on lippies, challenges... lots and lots of photos, of course... You get the picture...  "Anything goes!"


Post, share, discus, and the most important thing - have fun!


I declare our lippie playground officially open! 🙂




Lippie junkies united!!! 😉


New, Spring 2017 Lipstick Challenge is here:



Re: Lipstick Playground

I like this soft color. I've never tried revlon. How's the formula?

Re: Lipstick Playground

This is some kind of a glossy stain... I'm not really sure. I only have this one, and I'm not even sure why I have it ( probably got it because of the color - I love this kinda pink ). This is not the kind of a stuff I'm into. But, it's good for what it is ( kinda long wearing glossy whatever ). It was the only thing that I had with me today while on the run around the city, so I slapped it on and carried on. 😉 So, it was perfect, I guess. 😄



Re: Lipstick Playground

Apparently I can't read.  I posted lip colours in the old thread just now.  Here we go again:


I am traveling for days it seems like.  So here are two recent colours I wore and don't think I shared:


BITE Grandifolia:



Laura Mercier Creme lipstick - Portofino


Re: Lipstick Playground

Whoa, both stunning...especially Grandifolia

Re: Lipstick Playground

'Grandifolia' looks so stunning on you. I think that's the one shade in that small collection that I haven't worn yet! You are definitely convincing me to give it a go! You just have the most incredible smile though. If I looked like that when I smiled, and not like a goofy idiot, I might smile more often. 😉

Re: Lipstick Playground

Thanks Gwenhwyfar!  This would be gorgeous on you!

P.S:  I am sure you look spectacular when you others would rightly say so.

Re: Lipstick Playground

I like them both but am partial to the Bite Grandifolia. It seems to warm up your whole face (if that makes sense--I mean it in a good way ;))

Re: Lipstick Playground

Thanks  Diva!  I know exactly what you mean....


Re: Lipstick Playground

Oh, that Bite.... wow....

Re: Lipstick Playground

🙂  Thanks Jozkid! 

Re: Lipstick Playground

Pretty much everything looks beautiful on you but grandifolia is gorgeous!

Re: Lipstick Playground

Thanks lipstick4soul!  It is a new acquisition...

Re: Lipstick Playground

My heart just melt 😉 Don't worry GC. I also can't read and talk and write 😉

Re: Lipstick Playground

awww!  BK, you and I can understand each other perfectly 😉


Re: Lipstick Playground

Both beautiful. 

Re: Lipstick Playground

Thanks dalidyli!

Re: Lipstick Playground

We're going to pretend we never saw that... 😉


Oh my, those are so pretty! I'm especially loving the first one.... 

Re: Lipstick Playground

Lyra, I am all over warm reds this season.  Or should I say...they are all over me. 


I really mean that.  I soiled my shirt the other day with a swatchfest.

Re: Lipstick Playground

Today was audacious Juliette. She's my go to girl when my hair is in a messy bun. Weird I know but if my hair is down she's selfish and distracting. My current try to make it work is Mac notice me. It's so pale and light it's literally blah blah blah on me. Currently crushing on the YSL stains after a blind buy and adding a couple more soon when I can properly swatch other shades. Love this formula. 

Re: Lipstick Playground

Juliette is so pretty! ( If anyone has a lip swatch on a pale skin... please do share! )


Notice Me! I know exactly what you mean. It's a very pretty pastel lavender shade, but oh so sheer! I personally prefer more opaque lippies, so it was a pass for me ( which was not easy, because I'm nuts about purples/lilacs/lavenders/violets/all in da family! 🙂 )... But, but, but... I wish it was more pigmented... 



Re: Lipstick Playground

here you go. I think it is a gorgeous color, I am not sure I like it on me. I looks neon orange! It is muted down a bit here, I have had it on for a couple of hours.



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