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Lipstick: Dior vs YSL

How do the Dior Lipsticks (Rouge or Addict) compare to the YSL RV?


I don't own any Dior and thought that 20% off is a good time to try one.


Im looking at the color 434 Rose Samarcande in the Dior Rouge Couture Colour Lipstick collection. 


For the Addict Im looking at- Tulle 214


Another Lipstick I want to try is the Marc Jacobs in Role Play. 


Anyone have any of the above mentioned lipsticks? Thoughts? Swatches?

Thanks ladies!

Re: Lipstick: Dior vs YSL

In your desired color family, I would go with YSL and you know how much I love Dior, but I love the YSL too, mainly for the packaging.  If they did a mini in the lipstick; God help us all!

Re: Lipstick: Dior vs YSL

I have to be honest, I never reach for my YSL and rarely reach for my Dior lipsticks.


I'm loving non-Sephora lippies these days.

Re: Lipstick: Dior vs YSL

I know you probably don't need a third option, but I would actually recommend Hourglass Velvet Lipsticks over both Dior and YSL. Blasphemous, I know. The Hourglass formula is actually better, I think, and wears more comfortably. But if I had to choose between the two, I'd go for Dior. Happy shopping! Smiley Happy

Re: Lipstick: Dior vs YSL

YES to Hourglass!  Icon is flattering on every one of my friends.  The formula and packaging is perfect.

Re: Lipstick: Dior vs YSL

The Dior Addict lippies don't last very long IMO (2 hours max), and are just as moisturizing as the YSL Rogue Voluptes that last up to 5 hours before fading on my lips. Although, I find that the Dior Addicts are a smidge better at not being moveable on the lips. Overall, if I had to choose between the two I'd go with the YSL RV. The beautiful melon smell wins me over most I think Smiley Wink


Re: Lipstick: Dior vs YSL

I keep trying on Dior Lipsticks and wiping them off pretty quickly because I can't stand the ultra-slippery feel of them.  I feel them sliding into my mouth and it gives me the heebie-jeebies.


YSLs are wonderful, the sheer ones and the classic lipsticks, plus of course the glossy stains.  I own a few and they wear wonderfully.  I don't even feel them.  


I just bought Marc Jacobs in Saboteur (vampy dark berry) and it is GORGEOUS and so lightweight and comfortable.  Plus the magnet case is unique and feels luxe.  I will be buying more MJ.

Re: Lipstick: Dior vs YSL

plus you buy the HourGlass mini in icon for ten bucks on Sephora, and it is in several kits O.O

Re: Lipstick: Dior vs YSL

yeah wish they would have sent my HG promo I could have tried it for free.   Smiley Sad

Re: Lipstick: Dior vs YSL

If your heart is set on one of this two brands, I'd go with Dior. They offer more shades (although most of their shades are in the pink-coral-red zone). They are super easy to apply (both Addict and Extreme), and wear well enough. I have a couple of YSL RV Shine and Sheer Candy lipsticks, and to be honest I've been hardly ever using them since I got my hands on Dior. The Shines are nice and pigmented but I don't like feeling tiny shimmer particles on my lips. Sheer Candy (I have it in Sweet Fig) feels better on my lips but you're paying $32 for a glorified tinted lip balm.

However, if you are open to other brands, I suggest looking into Hourglass and Laura Mercier. They make really nice textures and pigmented colors.

Re: Lipstick: Dior vs YSL

I just got 4 Laura Mercier! Can't wait to try them!!!

Re: Lipstick: Dior vs YSL

I bought two of the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine recently and while I love the color and the amazing smell, I don't think they will replace my Dior Addicts as my go to. 


The main reason being not how they wear, but how they wear off.  I agree the Dior Addicts don't hang around too long, but when they wear off, it all comes off.  When the YSL wears off, it tends to wear off in the center of my lips leaving color around the edge that seems really noticeable.  Also, generally speaking, I can apply most of my Dior Addicts without a primer and without a mirror.  The YSL colors I chose look better when I apply over a primer and a mirror definitely helps, for me anyway.



Re: Lipstick: Dior vs YSL

still haven't decided for this lipstick. but just an FYI for those of you who helped me try to find a similar color to the Mister Lincoln…. I ended up going with a lighter color (NARS Autumn Leaves). Should be here in a day or so

Re: Lipstick: Dior vs YSL

i do like the mini hourglass color I tried (stain) in the hourglass promo with the primer & serum. that's an idea too Smiley Happy

Re: Lipstick: Dior vs YSL

Rouge volupte (not shine right?) is creamier than dior rouge couture but both are pigmented and hydrating. Dior rouge addict is comparable to rouge volupte shine but ysl is more pigmented (better in my opinion). I love MJ lip gels...role play is gorgeous. I don't remember if it is lasting but definitely a flattering shade.

Re: Lipstick: Dior vs YSL

Creamier: YSL Rouge Volupte


More color/shade options: Dior Rouge


Packaging: YSL Rouge Volupte


More Lasting Power: YSL Rouge Volupte



YSL wins! lol. But I absolutely love them both! The best high end lipsticks for me are YSL, Dior and my ever favorite Chanel.

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