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Lip sleeping mask

Controversial question 


who thinks that the lip masks do nothing. Personally I think that there ok but I have VERY VERY dry lips and they just don’t seem to help. If anyone knows any that do pls let me know! THX!!! 

Re: Lip sleeping mask

The lip mask worked amazing for me but everybody's lips are different so yeah


Re: Lip sleeping mask

@ReeseSummers  I have extremely dry lips and I will admit I am a picker as well. I destroy my lips when I’m anxious and I’ve tried many overnight lip masks and LANEIGE Bouncy + Firm Radiance Boosting Sleeping Mask 2 oz / 60 ml was my go too until I found LAWLESS Forget The Filler Overnight Lip Plumping Mask This was a game gamer for me! 

My lips feel so much softer and there is a slight plump, but not as much as their lip glosses. 

In addition to the mask, I use LAWLESS Lip Shine Lip Gloss Velvet along with other colors. LAWLESS Plump & Pout Lip Balm and Lip Gloss Set This is a great starter set. They are amazing products and the LAWLESS Forget The Filler Definer Lip Liner is the only liner I can use on my dry lips. It’s EXTREMELY creamy and nothing like any other lip liner. Now all I want to use is this brand for my lips. 

Re: Lip sleeping mask

@ReeseSummers while I like the Laneige, I don't find it as hydrating as some other lip masks I've tried. I had better luck with the Tocobo one and the Colourpop one that they released in the Honey Pot Duo. If my lips are already dry and cracking, Laneige doesn't do that much for me. It works better to keep my lips hyrated than to fix them if they're dry if that makes sense.

Re: Lip sleeping mask

@ReeseSummers I live at high altitude with very dry air and I am outdoors most days.  My lips would be very dry if i didn't use a night lip mask.  I love LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask Intense Hydration with Vitamin C Original and SEPHORA COLLECTION Nourishing Lip Sleeping Mask in Cherry + Vanilla  

Re: Lip sleeping mask

@ReeseSummers  I have chronically dry lips if I don’t follow my lipcare routine. My everyday lip balm is Aquaphor Ointment. Not the product(s) specifically marketed as “lip balm”; I mean the plain ol’ ointment that comes in jars and tubes. I apply a thin layer to damp (with water, not saliva) lips, then apply lipstick over it. At night, I use a bit of Good Light Taste of Space Lip Milk as a hydrating lip serum (applied to damp lips), then top it off with Aquaphor Ointment which is my overnight lip mask. 


My main tips for hydrating and moisturizing lips: 


  1. Use a petrolatum-based balm day and night. Petrolatum’s the most occlusive (water loss preventing) skincare ingredient available, aside from hydrocolloid patches. If you’re sensitive to lanolin, then avoid Aquaphor and try CeraVe Healing Ointment or plain Vaseline, or another brand of petroleum jelly. I prefer Aquaphor’s texture and hydrating ingredients (lanolin, glycerin, and panthenol), but some folks prefer the texture of CeraVe Ointment or Vaseline. You can add a lip serum underneath if you want, but see if the tips in this list help you enough before rushing to buy a lip serum. 

  2. Apply balm to water-damp lips. When I’m on the go and need to reapply lip balm, I might dab a little coffee (from the to-go cup I’m most likely holding) on my lips to hydrate them, and then apply Aquaphor Ointment right afterward to seal in that hydration. 

  3. If you frequently lick your lips, quit that. Saliva can worsen any damage and dryness on your lips. Dampen with water (or coffee or tea, in a pinch), not saliva. 

  4. Don’t over-exfoliate your lips. Sugar scrubs used too often can make lip dryness and flaking worse. I exfoliate my lips (with either a sugar scrub or a wet reusable terrycloth round; a washcloth would also work) maybe twice a month—once every other week. 


If you find petrolatum’s not doing it for you, or you think your lips might like a thicker product: I recently tested RMS Lipnights Overnight Mask and liked it. 


I hope your lips feel better soon! 

Re: Lip sleeping mask

thx this will help a lot!!!


Re: Lip sleeping mask

@ReeseSummers @I have really dry lips as well but they work for me. 

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