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Lip product with red shirts?

Hi everyone!


Yesterday I was faced with an age old conundrum: what color lip should I wear with a red shirt?


I ended up going with a golden-peach gloss (Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Leslie) and it looked nice.


So I was wondering what you beauties do when you wear a red shirt? Do you contrast with pink? Do you match reds? Do you try a dark lip?

Re: Lip product with red shirts?

First, get the right red for you. that's the most important part, and can be really really hard. The red of the shirt and the red lip color need to work together, and look good against your skin and hair color. I'm a funky mixture of cool and warm, with yellow undertones to my skin that throw everything off, and medium brown hair with cool and warm tones, so I look better with a watermelon or deeper kind of neutral red, rather than a bright orangey tomato red or blue-toned  red. I finally nailed the right color for the shirt, and spent this summer testing and looking for the right red lip color. Jacqueline, my makeover goddess in Austin, recommended Sephora brand called Sephora Rouge Shine - #3063A No. 34. It stays red without changing color on me., It's not a heavy dark coating, more transparent. something between a tinted gloss and a solid matte. It gives me a classic, chic French red lipstick look, and lasts a long time.  Ooh, la la!

Re: Lip product with red shirts?

Duh, wanted to mention that you can always go for a nude lip. You might want to go with a creamy, shimmery, lively nude. I'd stay away from a very matte nude though, the same goes for matte red. You can almost never go wrong with nude, you can mix it with other colors to give it a hint of whatever color you're wearing. I'm a huge mixing fan. Wore 4 different lipstick colors to my sisters wedding, everyone laughed, but the color Rocked!


Best of luck. Hope you come back and let us know what you ended up going with, I also wondered what your coloring is. I do usually go lighter in lip color when I'm wearing red.

Re: Lip product with red shirts?

This really is a tough one. I'm so white I'm practically translucent and am almost a glow in the dark human night light, so, red's are hard for me. I found a Shiseido red a long time ago and it's one of 2 discontinued reds that have ever worked for me. Maybe check out Shiseido.

I was on the verge of buying Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Scarlet (unsure if Sephora has it) I was on LM's site and spoke to their phone rep and she thought it might work for me, it looks Gorgeous

You could also use a red-ish lip gloss. If you want more staying power you could get a red lipstick, blot with a tissue (you can also put a light dusting of loose powder over the tissue after you blot to help it stay more) and then add a lipstick or balm with a slight shimmery deep-ish nude maybe with orange or pink undertones, so that it doesn't end up looking flat  (trying to think of the right way to describe the color I mean but I just can't get it, annoying. sorry) My skin has more of a pinkish undertone and I always have purple-ish circles under my eyes, so I tend to stay away from **blue-reds and go for **yellow-reds. I do the same with clothing too, but there are times that a blue-red looks great on me, so you never can tell. Unfortunately it's try, try, try. Spend the day at Sephora or the cosmetics counters at the mall. Try on your inner arm and hold your arm up to your face inside and outside the mall in the sunlight, bring a decent size mirror for outside use.


**Interesting side note - they say that men are more attracted to yellow-reds, while women are more often attracted to blue-reds. Don't know what that says about me because I'm a yellow-red lover, guess there's an exception to every rule, and It's usually me. I also often wonder who "THEY" are (as noted above... 'They' say that......) Things that make you go HMMM Smiley Wink

Re: Lip product with red shirts?

This post just made me realize that I don't own, nor have I ever worn a red shirt! I own a burgundy skirt but I usually wear it with b&w everything else and a sort of similar lip for an almost monochromatic look

Re: Lip product with red shirts?

for me it really depends on whats going on with my eyes, if i i'm doing a dark smokey eye, then i'll wear a nude lip. but i think reds lipstick with a red shirt looks fine especially if you're layering it with a jacket of a different color.

Re: Lip product with red shirts?

I usually go with a nude/beige color.  If I'm wearing red I normally do a darker eye so I make the rest of my face more neutral.


I like Clinique's Whole Lotta Honey

Whole Lotta Honey.jpg

I also LOVE UD Naked in the High Gloss Lip Color & the Lip Junkie Lip Gloss.  They are my total go to color.

Naked.jpgNaked 2.jpg

My last favorite is Nars Supervixen lip gloss



Re: Lip product with red shirts?

Usually I go for a light color like peach or pale pink. If you dare you can do what last yr's colorblocking trend did and wear a bold fushia or a red with it (if you do, then keep a simple hairstyle/eye makeup, and don't nitpick about matching red).


I subscribed to J. Crew catalog just so I can keep those glossy pictures for inspiration:


Re: Lip product with red shirts?

It depends on how formal/not formal it is. If it is just a t-shirt or sweater for daily wear I would do a neutral or sheer pink gloss. If it is evening,though, I would totally vamp it up!

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