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Lip gloss tips?

i have natural kinda pouty lips n would like to play them up..lipgloss has always been my favourite make up anyway so any tips? i dare not use glosses with 'super-glossy' finishes as it made my lips look WAY too thick but sum of them look irresistable!..wat kind of gloss would actually work for me?[ finishes, colours etc.] i'm lost among all the choices out there.

Re: Lip gloss tips?

I like ulta's (I know I mention them way too much, lol) shiny sheer lipglosses.  I also find that a lip balm, matching lipliner + lipstick + gloss makes your lips look more plump, also using a shimmery lipgloss or a shimmery lipstick + a sheer neutral or clear gloss will kind of magnify the shimmer thus making them look plumper.

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