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Lip crayon?

I love lipstick, but I don't always have the time to apply it properly. I have heard that lip crayons are easy to use and give a similar effect. Does anyone know of a gluten free high-end and a gluten free drugstore lip crayon?

Re: Lip crayon?

You know what's funny? I actually find lip crayons harder to use because I can't get a razor sharp line with them haha. I know that a lot of people find them easier though. I personally don't know of any gluten free ones but I hope you find a good one!

Re: Lip crayon?

Bite Beauty is the safest you will find here for it's awesome!

Re: Lip crayon?

Myself being diagnosed with an extreme sensitivity to gluten...I would NOT recommend NARS.
It has been noted among gluten free beauty bloggers, as of April 2013 they lost their gluten free status. I have had major reactions through cross contamination and this is one line I tossed all my products from. As well as Tarte who risk cross contamination factors as well. Still get miffed when Sephora rep. tries to steer me towards this line. Smiley Sad
The lip line I swear by and have had great results with is BITE.
As for a low end line...the ONLY lip product I have had success with is the lip glosses by Almay. The ones that state gluten free.
I hope this helps.

Re: Lip crayon?

Hi lamper4life,


One of my very good friends has celiac disease, so I know how frustrating it can be trying to find gluten-free cosmetics.  Please be aware that NARS does not guarantee its products are gluten-free. Some of their products that don't have gluten are still processed on the same machinery as products with gluten, so depending on your sensitivity, you may need to be careful.


Bite Beauty and Mirabella are two companies my friend buys from a lot as all the lip products made by these companies are certified gluten-free. Both companies make lip crayons. Other companies, such as E.L.F., NARS and Urban Decay make products without gluten, but those products may be processed on equipment that handles products with gluten, so again, it depends on your sensitivity. A great way to find items that are gluten-free within a particular brand is at the Ulta website. When doing a search, you can add gluten-free as a filter to narrow down the search across all brands (hint, hint Sephora!).


Hope this helps!

Re: Lip crayon?

Excellent advice!!!

Re: Lip crayon?

Thanks for the great suggestions, everyone! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Lip crayon?

Clinique has some great lip crayons.  So does tarte.  I think someone mentioned revlon has a good line of lip crayons as well but I haven't dabbled with those enough to give you my opinion on them. 

Re: Lip crayon?

I heard Too Faced's Melted lipsticks were awesome and easy to apply.  I like NARS and Bite's lip crayons.  NARS are more similar to lip gloss than lipstick because of their level of pigment.  However, Bite's lip crayons go on just like lipstick to me and have a nice amount of pigment to them.  I'm not sure about the gluten free type.  As for drugstore I would try Revlon ColorBurst lip crayons.  I liked them.  Again, the pigment has to be worked on and I'm not sure about it being gluten free. 


Hope I was helpful!

Re: Lip crayon?

Nars lip pencils are gluten free, although I would probably put them in the mid-end range. They retail at $25. 

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