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Lip Liner Question

This may sound like a silly question.  Is it best to use a lip liner that matches your lip tone or one that matches the lipstick shade?  Since I started using liner about a year or so ago, I have just used one that matches my natural lip tone.  I matched up through the Smashbox liners, but my sharpener practically ate the pencil.  So, I found a perfect dupe for it from the Sephora Retractable Waterproof lip liners.  


Since I have a bit more experience with using a lip liner now, I'm wondering about which is best since I got an awesome red lipstick from Avon.  I have also watched YouTube videos where it seems like some people have a specific lip liner for each lipstick they own.  

Re: Lip Liner Question

You can really go either way!


Using a good neutral lip liner that matches your lips provides a good solid base for whatever lip product you lay on top and cuts down on chances of too visible of a mismatch lip liner/lipstick occurrence. For example, if you're using a cranberry lipstick and a red lip liner, but your lip liner is more of an orangey-red rather than a berry-toned red, you might see a tell-tale line of separation from the liner itself and the lipstick.


If you choose to match your lip liner to your lipstick, be sure to swatch prior to make sure colors are as close of a match as possible to avoid the above matter. For bolder shades like magenta, red, coral, and vibrant pinks, I like matching the lip liner to the shade because layering the bold colors makes your look longer lasting and so even if the lipstick wears down, the pigment rich liner is still providing a solid base of color.


Using a natural toned pencil better suits if you're using more muted shades like soft rose, nude, tawny pinks, or soft peaches, where shades and formulations might be more sheer and need that neutral base.


With bold colors, if you're afraid of mismatching liners and risking that tell-tale outline, use a clear lip liner (Urban Decay, Too Faced, MUFE, and Bite) to line and fill in lips to give a nice base to prevent colors/product from immediately sinking into the lines of lips and drying down too quickly. This also prevents the bleeding and feathering of colors.

Re: Lip Liner Question

My Avon is kind of bold, so I may have to take it with me to help swatch lol.  Most of my other shades are neutrals and pinks, so maybe a natural tone will work for them.  


I've never tried a clear lip liner before.  That may be interesting to play around with, too.  Thanks for the info!


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Re: Lip Liner Question

I have a few different lip liners. A pinkish nude color that matches my lips, a bright pink one for when I want to wear a brighter color lip, a darker vampy one to go with darker lips (which I have never used and I have darker lipsticks that I haven't gotten the nerve to use yet either), and a bright red lip liner to go with a red lip.


You don't need a different lip liner for each lipstick, but just one in the color range of lipstick that you will use.


If you just wear a regular nude-y pink color every day, then I suggest using the one that matches your lip color. But with the red lipstick, use a red liner. You can get some amazing cheap ones from the drugstore!

Re: Lip Liner Question

What are some good drugstore lip liners?  Since I've never used a red liner, that may be a good way to experiment since drugstores are closer than Sephora.  


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Re: Lip Liner Question

Both NYX and Rimmel make really great lip liners. So does elf.

Re: Lip Liner Question

I've used Rimmel eye liners before, and they were great!  I will definitely look into those.  Thank you for the info!

Re: Lip Liner Question

I always use clear lip liners unless the shade i'm wearing has a specific liner match (like w/UD revolution lipsticks and lipliners).  I like MUFE lip line perfector.

Re: Lip Liner Question

i've found this to work for best for me too ^, but when i'm wearing something that i really dont want to smudge, i'll use givenchy mister brow (i know its not for lips lol) but its wax, and keeps my lipstick in check for as long as i'm wearing it, also it saves me money in not buying so many shades of liner Smiley Happy

Re: Lip Liner Question

That.  I only own a handful of lip liners, since I can't be bothered to match everything.  I also swear by MUFE lip line perfector, although I'm going to try the UD and Sephora Collection ones once I've finished up my MUFE.

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