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Lip Color Suggestions

OK - I'm ready to take the plunge and explore some new lip colors.  I usually stick to lip balm, but I want to change it up.  I have fair skin, dark blonde hair and blue eyes, so dark colors don't work well for me.  Anyone have some good suggestions for lighter pinks and nude colors?  What brands have great staying power, but still are moisturizing?  Thanks beauties!

Re: Lip Color Suggestions

I just thought of another great pick - Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in Naked. The description states that it is "nude-pink", and it's exactly what is says. It has sheer, satin finish, and also very moisturizing.

UD Naked lipstick.jpg

Re: Lip Color Suggestions

I am in the same boat so I am looking forward to seeing what everyone suggests. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Lip Color Suggestions

Haha! same here Smiley Happy

Re: Lip Color Suggestions

You could experiment with some sheer colors like in the YSL Sheer Candy line, they're super moisturizing and more pigmented than tinted lip balm, but not so drastic looking on fair skin. I love the Sweet Fig when I want a dressed down effortless red lip that I don't have to worry about applying overly carefully. 




That might be a drastic step if you're not used to lip color, but there are colors you might be more comfortable with, like Lush Coconut or Tasty Raspberry





Re: Lip Color Suggestions

Really loving the Lush Coconut!  Thanks!!

Re: Lip Color Suggestions

I'm obsessed with light pink lipsticks and I have a ton of them! My most recent purchase was the Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in "Obsessed."



I also love Bite Beauty's Matte Lip Pencil in "Velvet" (I've posted about this pencil in at least five different forums already. I'm just so in love with it!!)



Nars "Roman Holiday" is a really pretty color, kind of similar to the UD one. I've swatched it a million times but haven't purchased it yet. 


(The color looks a little different online. It's super pretty in person!)

Re: Lip Color Suggestions

That pencil looks awesome.  I checked into the Bite Beauty set of those.  Are they a full coverage type of lipstick or just a liner.  Looks full.  Thanks for the suggestions.

Re: Lip Color Suggestions

I second everything that @beautylovingirl had suggested (I personally prefer Bobbi Brown lipstick in Pale Mauve rather than Washed Seashell though). One more option is Dior Addict in #353 Blush. It is a little more vibrant pink, but still works perfectly as an everyday color. I died my hair brown recently, but I wore it even back when my hair was dirty blonde color - it looked great. And it glides on super smooth and is very moisturizing.Dior Addict 353.jpg

Re: Lip Color Suggestions

Bobbi Brown's Creamy lip color in:Bobbi Brown Creamy Lipcolor in Pale Mauve.jpgPale MauveBobbi Brown Creamy lipcolor in Washed Seashell.jpgWashed Seashell

Too faced La'Creme in :Too Faced La'Creme in I want Candy.jpgI want candy- I know it's not exactly a pink or nude but it's a really pretty color.nars cruising.jpg

Nars lipstick in Cruising

YSL Volupte shine in:YSL in volupte shine lipstick in #8.jpg#8 Pink in Confidence


Hope this helps!

Re: Lip Color Suggestions

I really like those Bobbi Brown picks!  Thanks, beautylovingirl.

Re: Lip Color Suggestions

Awwe your so welcome!

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