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Kylie Cosmetics

Whether you love them or love to hate them, the Kardashian/Jenners have built an empire.  I never expected to succomb to the siren call of the fabled Kylie Lip Kit, but given that I have a teenager in my house, resistance was futile. I was surprised to find that I actually like most of the Kylie products I have tried. 🙂


Are you looking for swatches of any lipsticks/shadows/Kylighters?


Have a scoop about upcoming releases?


Would you like to share a review of a Kylie product?


Would you like to better understand the hype? 😉


If so, this thread is for you! 🙂


To start us off, here is my household collection of Kylie Liquid Lipsticks and Glosses:


I only included unique colors, between myself and my daughter, we also have several dupes.

Left to Right:
1. D*mn Gina DS Gloss
2. Poppin' DS Gloss
3.  KoKo Collection Bunny Matte Liquid Lipstick
4.  KoKo Collection Sugar Plum Gloss
5.  KoKo Collection Bunny Matte Liquid Lipstick
6.  KoKo Collection Doll Matte Liquid Lipstick
7.  Dancer Metal Liquid Lipstick
8.  Kymajesty Metal Liquid Lipstick
9.  Love Bite Matte Liquid Lipstick
10. Posie K Matte Liquid Lipstick
11. Posie K Gloss [Note:  It is very annoying that the Lipstick and Gloss are not the same color...]
12. Candy K Matte Liquid Lipstick
13. Candy K Gloss
14. Strawberry Cream Velvet Lipstick
15. Koko K Matte Liquid Lipstick
16. Apricot Matte Liquid Lipstick
17. Dirty Peach Matte Liquid Lipstick
18. Exposed Matte Liquid Lipstick
19. Exposed Gloss
20. Maliboo Matte Liquid Lipstick
21. So Cute Gloss
22. Naked Velvet Lipstick
23. Birthday Suit Velvet Lipstick
24. Bare Velvet Lipstick
25. Commando Velvet Lipstick
26. KKW Kimmie Creme Liquid Lipstick
27. KKW Kiki Creme Liquid Lipstick
28. KKW Kim Creme Liquid Lipstick
29. KKW Kimberly Creme Liquid Lipstick



Re: Kylie Cosmetics

@Tamara76 Thank is perfect logic;)


ps. why can't i reply to your reply?!

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Oh no!   @StephaniLynn  Hopefully it will show up.  If not, you'll just have to snag another set!  😉

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

@Tamara76 The mini mattes look like they are almost all either existing shades or re promotes. Birthday Suit was my favorites of the mattes from that collection! I wore in on a girls night then a date night with the bf and have lost it somehow!

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Posting swatches!IMG_3336.PNG

















Re: Kylie Cosmetics

From Trendmood - Haven't seen release dates yet:



Re: Kylie Cosmetics

The second half of our Kylie bogo haul just arrived (cross-posting from the July Hauls Thread):


1.  Chocolate Cherry Kylighter - It applies much lighter than it looks and is super pretty (free)
2.  Chameleon Kyliner - Waaaayyyyy lighter than it looks
3.  Leo Matte Lip Kit (free)
4.  Dolce K Lip Kit

RE: Kylie Cosmetics

Kyblush! This is my first post ! I just noticed that there was a whole other world to Sephora online! Anyway here are some photos i took of my new blush from Kylie cosmetics. First impression i absolutely loved it. It's very creamy and buttery to the touch. Not alot of fall out in the pan [which I love]. If you are someone that likes intense blush then this isnt for you. I love that its not very pigmented since i like a kiss of color on my cheeks. Enjoy ! Also i have am instagram where i review products and create looks ! It's COLEY_MUA

RE: Kylie Cosmetics

I need to try this blush!

Re: RE: Kylie Cosmetics

@Nicolemarie1124  Congratulations on your first post and welcome to the Beauty Insider Community!


Thanks for sharing your pics of/thoughts on the Kylie blush!  We haven't tried any of her blush singles yet, but I've heard good things.  ❤️

Re: RE: Kylie Cosmetics

Thank you !! I'm so glad you liked my post ! I'm getting the hang of this. Forgive me I'm not sure what I'm doing yet ! Lol 

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Kylighters are back in stock for those who missed out during the sale!IMG_2131.PNG





Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Has anyone else gotten the dreaded 'We haven't forgotten about you!' email saying your order sale may ship late? -__-

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Not yet!   But my second order hasn't shipped yet, so I assume it is late... 😉



Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Here is the first half of my recent sale haul:





1. Koko K Lip Gloss (free)
2.  Harmony Velvet Lip Kit
3.  Kristen Matte Lip Kit
4.  Literally Gloss (free

Here are swatches:


1. Literally Gloss
2. Koko K Gloss
3.  Harmony Velvet Liquid Lippie
4.  Kristen Matte Liquid Lippie

Re: Kylie Cosmetics







I'm excited!!! I really love the blush!! I got it in barely legal, I always love light pink blush!!! The highlighter is in french vanilla and it has a great shimmer!! I got the spice lip kit and it's quite dark, I don't think I will wear it often maybe when fall comes. The Poise K is wearable but still dark for my preference!! I like formula since it doesn't smears and I'm looking forward to the next sale and get other shades!!!

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

The more I look at Kylie blushes, the more I'm drawn to its monochromatic packaging ♡ great haul @Sophiaaax3!

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Nice haul!  @Sophiaaax3


I haven't tried the blushes yet, but I really like the Kylighters!   I agree that Spice is perfect for fall! Enjoy! 💗

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Thank you! I can't wait to wear them. I think the kylighter is comparable to ABH glow kits.

Re: Kylie Cosmetics

Here are our face and eyeshadow Kylie products - My daughter also has a really cute makeup bag (purchased), a pouf (GWP) and an eyeshadow brush set (GWP) in addition to all our lipliners.


1.  Cotton Candy Cream Kylighter
2.  Bronze Palette
3.  Koko Kollection Face Palette
4.  Vacation Palette
5.  Royal Peach Palette -Full disclosure, I haven't tried this one yet (honestly forgot I bought it)
6.  Skinnydip Face Palette
7.  Kiss Me Valentine Palette
8.  Smooch Valentine Palette
9.  Burgundy Palette
10.  Salted Caramel Kylighter

I agree with others that the quality of the eyeshadows is decent, but not great as the pigmentation is somewhat lacking, although the colors are very pretty.  It reminds me of normal Morphe palettes (haven't gotten my hands on Jaclyn Hill palette yet). 


My daughter adores the Vacation Palette - she says the pigmentation is not on par with ABH or UD, but the color is very buildable.  Sadly, my Royal Peach palette smelled like chemicals when I first opened it, although after leaving it open for a few days, the smell went away.  We didn't experience that with any of the other palettes.


I love the Kylighters and the Koko Kollection Face Palette - The quality is surprisingly nice!  🙂

Re: Kylie Cosmetics


Re: Kylie Cosmetics

what is everyone's overall thoughts about Kylie cosmetics? I have still yet to try anything from the brand. Am I missing out?

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