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Ive been DYING to know!!!

I am obsessed with the color of Candy Venom by Fenty. I dont actually own it though lol. I've been eying it since it came out. Know all the dupes. Read reviews. What stops me is.. if the reviews are correct.. how is it still in stock & on sale for months & months? 

I live for my kissproof lipsticks. I have three I've used for many years & switch up the shades. As well as my own affiliate vegan ones. But I must know once & for all .. is this as good as I've read? Before I miss the Boat & it's gone. 

Is it actually what you"d consider long lasting/kissproof? And is it nice & bright?

Re: Ive been DYING to know!!!

@LipstickCrave  I have Candy Venom and 16 of the other Mattemoiselle shades. (Hi, I'm a lipstick junkie.) I don't consider any bullet lipstick to be kiss-proof—which to me means transfer-proof. Some bullets are definitely longer lasting than others and wear down very gracefully, but all of them will transfer. That said, the Mattemoiselles are long-wearing on me. If you look at the model photos at Fenty direct for Candy Venom, those photos accurately show how bright this shade is. (That's how bright it is on me.) 


Purely speculating here: Fenty might have another lipstick line planned and/or might plan to discontinue the Mattemoiselle line. That could be why these lipsticks have been on sale for a long time. Pat McGrath has done the same with her LuxeTrance line. In fact, Pat's had several rounds of crazy discount sales on all her bullet lipsticks, most notably the Lip Fetish Balms in the 1st generation casing, the LuxeTrances, and the BlitzTrances. (Some of the BlitzTrances and the last LuxeTrance shades are $19 right now at PMG direct, but she's gone even lower than that.) 


I'll be sad if the Fenty Mattemoiselles disappear for good. For me, Pat's MatteTrances outperform them, but they're as good or better than many other brands' matte bullets, and I love the shade range. I find they perform well under gloss, especially the Gloss Bombs (heh, no surprise there), but I usually wear 'em on their own.


And they're fantastic for ombre looks with other colors. For Pride 2019, my lips were an ombre rainbow. I used 6 lipsticks I know to be long lasting, so I wouldn't have to do frequent touchups. 2 of them were Mattemoiselles. As expected, they held up all day like a champ, no matter how much water, coffee, or other drinks I had. The only times I had to reapply were after dinner and late night dessert—and I never expect any lipstick (except a liquid matte) to survive a meal, so I usually blot down my lipstick before eating anyway. Heck, I'm happy the Mattemoiselles are still on sale: I can buy several backups with less guilt than usual. 🤣 

Re: Ive been DYING to know!!!

Ooh we would totally be bff's forever!!! I'm a diehard lipstick girl. I go nowhere without one on. And, I have tried them ALL ×100. My new fave is actually a clean product, and I had to actually test it.. 2 full days!

My lifelong faves are drugstore brands. Jeffree Stars, and hopefully Rihannas.

Yes I wasnt so sure about the kissproof part. I can tell it does last longer than a lipstick but not a full all day product. 

However, I need this shade in my life, and for the you're reply.. I'm ordering it! 💓 You are a gem!!!

Re: Ive been DYING to know!!!

Oh I hope she does expand upon the line. A blackened teal would be amazing as would a wicked green. Haha I have both a teal and a green in the mattemoiselles and KVD studded lipsticks as well as a teal from M.A.C now but always looking for more and pats lipsticks are so very worth every penny. I’ll happily pay full price for hers.

Re: Ive been DYING to know!!!

I use my various shades of the Mattemoiselles the same way. Either alone or to create an ombré effect. They do hold up better than most but agree about pats mattetrance lipsticks. Finally got deep void when it went on sale for $17 and I wish I had bought 5 because I think it’s gone now. 

Re: Ive been DYING to know!!!

@Suisho  Deep Void is one of my 3 favorite blackened purple lipsticks (along with NARS Audacious Nancy and Bite Amuse Bouche Black Truffle). I suspect it'll be back, but I could be wrong... hopefully Pat's not discontinuing any MatteTrance shades. I'd rather see her continue to expand that line's shade range, especially some "unconventional" shades. A blackened teal, dark hunter green, or blue violet MatteTrance would be fantastic, and I'm honestly surprised she hasn't released any lipstick shades like that yet. Anyway, I'm glad you were able to grab Deep Void on sale! 

Re: Ive been DYING to know!!!

@LipstickCrave i can't answer your question but this lipstick is on sale for $9. For that price, why not just try it?

Re: Ive been DYING to know!!!

I wish my life was that easy but sadly due to trauma and domestic... its not

Re: Ive been DYING to know!!!

@LipstickCrave I'm.sorry to hear that. 

Re: Ive been DYING to know!!!

Thank you kindly for saying so. Meant alot to come back on & see this 🧡

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