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How to make lips look paler?

I really adore (and envy) girls with lighter/pale lips. As for my own, they are fairly dark. I was wondering if anyone knows or have tried natural ways of lightening lips?

If it doesn't work out for me, does anyone have recommendations of lipsticks, balms, stains, etc., that do the job but are somewhat "lightweight"? I'll try just about anything, but I have to mention that I really dislike glossy lip products.



Re: How to make lips look paler?

I have this problem as well. I also have dry lips


the concealer trick does work BUT make sure to use a concealer that is really emollient and hydrating otherwise your lips will just end up flaking like crazy.



Re: How to make lips look paler?

Hi Mazio,


I like to use a TINY bit of concealer to nude out the lips first before lip products. You get more of a truer color for the lipstick to go on top of. You can also pick a matte nude lip color, which works well too!


Illamasqua Sonnet


Sephora Collection Color Lip Last in 01 Oh My Beige! - nude

beige sephora.jpg

Blot it on for a smoother/more sheer finish.


<3 Melissa

Re: How to make lips look paler?

Mac also has a product, i believe its called lip erase

Re: How to make lips look paler?

I have more pigmented lips, too. When I want to nude my lips out, I use NARS Pure Matte lipstick in Madere or MAC Myth lipstick. That pretty much erases my lips. Then I usually put a lighter gloss on top to add a bit more life back to my face. That's a lot of upkeep throughout the day though.


For lightweight lip products, I would recommend anything from the Bite Beauty line, Revlon lip butters and lip stains. Good luck finding something that works for you! 

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