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How are the Tokyomilk Lip elixirs?

I looked at the Tokyomilk Lip elixirs and I thought they looked really cool. Before I buy them, does anyone know if they are good or not? It would mean a lot if you could help. Thanks! =)

Re: How are the Tokyomilk Lip elixirs?

They are very thick, thicker than rose salves, which means they are great for winter and dry lips. If you don't have dry lips or don't like thick balms, this may not be for you. It does look cool, and I find it last a lot longer (and more sanitary) when I scoop out some into a Sephora sample jar and use from that each time (also eliminate the difficult to open jar problem).


It's great for the price, tho some scents are better than others. The salted caramel smells exactly like salted caramel and the rose one is nice, too, so I would recommend one of those flavors if you were to choose.

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