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Help me pick a color, please?

I want to find an everyday lipstick.  I like it to look natural (my lips but better), however, I want to go a little more pink than nude.  In the past I always end up on the safe side where it doesn't look like lipstick.  I am light complexion with yellow undertones.  I have dark hair and eyes, and I always wear natural looking makeup/eyes.  


Here are three that I've narrowed it down to.  But if you have another option I'd love to hear it.  


Bite Beauty Fig

Nars Dolce Vita

Este Lauder Mad Men Pinkadelic

*None of those photos are mine....taken from internet.  

Re: Help me pick a color, please?

I like the Nars Dolce Vita, it's a beautiful color! 

Re: Help me pick a color, please?



Based off the pics I'd go for Bite Beauty in Fig.  The color in the tube looks a little different than on the person.  However- the color on the person is fantastic!  


I have the same characteristics as you, and I really like Nars Dolce Vita.  I will say- the product wears off after a short while.  I usually wear a lip stain underneath as well.  I have little color in my lips, so adding a lip stain really brings out the color of a lip stick for me.  Plus if it wears off I have something left on my lips.  And Dolce Vita wears off.  


I went through a nude phase for a while (up on the pink side too, we have similar taste) and let me tell you the prettiest combo I have found.  


Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Shy Pink-




Finished with LM Stickgloss in Patchouli

Really is the prettiest combo found for a natural-on the pink side look.  


Hope this helps!

Re: Help me pick a color, please?

I like the Bite Fig best.

Re: Help me pick a color, please?

Darn it... because of these pictures, NARS Dolce Vita and two other NARS lipsticks (Niagara and Tolede) are now on my wish list. Your enabling powers are activated for the day, Michmo Smiley Very Happy


Definitely love Bite Beauty Fig and NARS Dolce Vita the best out of the 4 you posted Smiley Happy

Re: Help me pick a color, please?

I would go with the NARS Dolce Vita out of your choices, I think that one best fits yellow undertones for a light complexion. 


Here's some other options if you're interested:

Here's another Laura Mercier one to throw at ya like the @veritabelle previously posted.


Laura Mercier Creme Smooth - Creme Coral

Bottom line - A luxurious medium-to-full-coverage lipstick that gives lips the ultimate in color, texture, and finish.

*This is "my lips, but better" lipstick*


If you're looking for the staying power with a non-sticky gloss, I would go with the YSL Glossy Stains.


YSL Glossy Stain - Corail Aquatique

Bottom line - A revolutionary new lip product that combines the texture and shine of a gloss with the long wear of a stain.

Re: Help me pick a color, please?

I'm currently having a lipstick obsession, and this thread is... dangerous. MUST STAY AWAY Smiley Very Happy

Re: Help me pick a color, please?

MUST STAY AWAY FROM MAKEUP, says no one ever!

Re: Help me pick a color, please?

Bite fig! How pretty!


I am also on the same hunt and I have decided to go with Nars Niagara because its pink with a hint of coral so a little warmer toned... google it!

Re: Help me pick a color, please?

ok this thread has me drooling over all the pretty lipstick colors.  and I really badly wanted to buy YSL Corail Aquatique when I swatched it a few weeks ago so thanks to Spyski it's going into my wishlist now Smiley Happy

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