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HELP! Peeling Lips!

Ladies- I need some help!


My lips peel literally every day- and it isn't due to lack of care!


I use Clinique Superbalm, Aquaphor, Korres Lip Butter, Fresh Sugar Lip Scrub, the list goes on. I have a balm on my lips at all times. I drink a ton of water every day so it isn't due to dehydration. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIX IT!


Super frustrating because every time I want to use an actual lip color I have to exfoliate my lips and either dry brush them or use a dry face cloth to remove the flakes. 


Any suggestions would be great.  Smiley Happy

Re: HELP! Peeling Lips!

I would suggest the Jack Black or the Anthony logistics lip balms. Both are really great for protection and moisturization. You also could be exfoliating them too much! Hope this helps!

Re: HELP! Peeling Lips!

It could simply be due to cold weather in this winter season. Try not exfoliating them too much because although it may help at the time it can usually result in drying your lips out even more. I would advise only doing it once a week. Make sure not to pick the loose skin. Instead of using all these products I would choose one to use consistently until this problem is managable. I'd recomment maybelline's baby lips or eos. I know you mentioned that you've used it and it hasn't worked but for me whenever this happens it's my go to product.But don't worry your lips probably won't be like this for too long since winter is coming to an end. It this worsens and they begin for crack or bleed for an excessive amount of time go to a dermatologist. Hope this helped, Goodluck!

Re: HELP! Peeling Lips!

I second Jack Black lip treatment. Last year when my lips suddenly turned on me (flaky/cracked/bleed/shriveled), generous amount of that for a couple of nights took care of it. It is more moisturizing than the dozen of drugstore ones (EOS, maybelline, neutrogena, burts bee) and some department store stuff.


Woah, ok, dry brush or dry face cloth is too harsh. At least brush with rose salve or vaseline (Fresh Sugar lip scrub is basically fine brown sugar + vaseline), rinse/wipe off the residue, and apply generous layer of Jack Black. When you wake up, your lips should feel better.


Not just water, but if you don't eat any kind of oil in your diet, your skin can still be dry. And by that I don't mean eat a spoonful of olive oil, but incorporate things like fish, nuts, avocado into your diet along with juicy fruit/veggies and water. If your skin/hair are also drier, try using a humidifier in your room. Instead of lipcolor try tinted lipbalm like Fresh Sugar ones, and some brands (Too Faced I believe?) have lip primer that should help so the lipcolor doesn't magnify the dry lips.

Re: HELP! Peeling Lips!

I'll give the Jack Black balm a try- thanks!!

Re: HELP! Peeling Lips!

Your welcome get the mandarin and orangeSmiley Happy

Re: HELP! Peeling Lips!

Also the blackberry&tea is great (what I got) and grapefruit&ginger is on my wishlist.


I've heard the lemon&chamomile one is a bit icky, and mint is not as moisturizing.

Re: HELP! Peeling Lips!

I'm no expert but ask about an exfoliator.  I bought a lip cream that was for exfoliation. Worked good for me.  Its been awhile so I dont recall what it was


Re: HELP! Peeling Lips!

My go-to is Clinique's Repairwear Intensive Lip treatment at night, a soft exfoliation in the morning, (I use a super soft, super cheap basic toothbrush in the shower), and another quick swipe of Repairwear Lip as I'm getting ready, (sometimes repeat the exfoliation at night before bed as needed), and my lips are soft, moisturized and prepped for color for the day...if I'm concerned that my lips are feeling really dry, my color for the day is a SuperBalm -- LOVE the Black Honey version that!!  Also, Clinique's Butter Shine lipstick has more intense color than the balm, but still lipgloss-esque in the moisture it gives and just re-apply with the frequency of a typical gloss for a moisture and color refresher!  Good luck!

Re: HELP! Peeling Lips!

I have the same trouble.  All the suggestions here are good ones, however you may be sensitive to a) an ingredient in the products you are using/ even an ingredient in your toothpaste or b) as beautytester mentioned, you may be seriously lacking healthy oils.  You may also be using too much product.  I would use ONE lip scrub and ONE balm.  Cross check your products for ingredients: for instance, I can't use anything with honey or tea in it.  If eating healthy oils isn't an option you may want to take a fish oil supplement.  And one final suggestion, make sure one of your lip products has an spf in it.

Re: HELP! Peeling Lips!

lush lip balm is great, and for a cheap fix, blistex medicated lip balm ( only 99 cents! ) healed my chapped lips!

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