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Glossy Stain + Lipstick Trick

I wanted to share something I'm really excited about, but I knew that only you guys would understand! I just splurged on another YSL Glossy Stain (19: Beige Aquarelle). Though the colour range isn't everything I want it to be, the formula is amazing: I find the gloss lasts a really long time, isn't sticky, and has a very natural kind of finish.

I grabbed the Beige Aquarelle because it's a very natural nude on me, and I wanted to use it for an experiment: if I layered it with some lipstick, would it both tone down my lipstick colour, and gift it with that lovely, long lasting glossy finish?


Happily, the answer is yes. I've taken to blending it with some of my favourite browns, bright reds, poppy corals and electric pinks. I put a layer of the Glossy Stain on, and a few minutes later, pick up some of my lipstick with my lipstick brush and put on a semi-generous helping. A minute later, I throw on a final layer of my Glossy Stain and both the gloss finish and the toned down lipstick last all day Smiley Happy


Has anyone else tried anything like this?

Re: Glossy Stain + Lipstick Trick



I just tried layering together two of my YSL Glossy Stains rather than doing the Glossy Stain/lipstick/Glossy Stain method, and I was really surprised to find that the lipstick methods worked waaay better than layering the two glossy stains.


Don't quite know how to explain why that is (maybe I put on too much!) but thought you all ought to know!

Re: Glossy Stain + Lipstick Trick

Oh great idea! I'm going to try that out right now! I have  #18. Purchased it because like you I love the consistency and  ecause I have naturally red lips I like to tone down sometimes.

Re: Glossy Stain + Lipstick Trick

I have the Glossy Stain in 105 Corail Hold Up. I'll have to try layering it some of my orange/coral lippies. Or maybe even my bold pinks I foolishly thought I would wear. Thanks for the tip.

Re: Glossy Stain + Lipstick Trick

Ya! I have a coral Glossy Stain too! If I layer it with a baby pink, it ends up making this hyper insane Fifth Element sunset pink. I haven't had the courage to wear it out yet but tell me how yours looks.

Re: Glossy Stain + Lipstick Trick

That's an awesome trick. I just bought the glossy nude one in 106 (i think). I love the formula but don't care for the colors. The glossy stains by YSL tend to oxidize or just turn to an peachy color on me. So today I basically did the same thing, putting the YSL first and then put a lipstick over it. I should probably do it in the revers order like you, lol.

Re: Glossy Stain + Lipstick Trick

I don't know if this is the best way to do it, but I end up making a sandwich, lol. I put a thin layer of YSL first, brush on some lipstick afterwards, and then another tiny bit of ysl on top again just so that I get that nice gloss.

Re: Glossy Stain + Lipstick Trick

Thank you for the tip!

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