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Give Me More Lip - why did this happen to me

Oh my god you guys.  I recently got a job and re-did my budget and I have to stop rewarding myself for my quitting smoking dollars (and I have to really quit all the way).  SO that means that I have next to no money for makeup. 


And this happened: and I want it soooo bad.  But it will take me until November to save up for it, and that's only if I can resist buying anything in the interim and by that time it could be sold out. Whyyy Sephora WHYYYYYYYY?


Talk me down? 

Re: Give Me More Lip - why did this happen to me

I agree, no need to fret over it. It is a nice set, but you likely have items similar to it in your collection. Also, there is bound to be something in it you don't like or don't want. If you miss it (which seems unlikely) you will have the $60 in November to buy a couple of awesome lip products (YSL, Dior, Channel) that aren't in the kit!

Re: Give Me More Lip - why did this happen to me

I purchased this kit because I am a lipcolor FREAK.  I can honestly tell you that it's a really nice set but it's not worth fretting over.  I am sure it will still be around in November. IF for some wacky reason you can't get it, there will be something else that you will really really want. That's how it is with Sephora-there is always another treasure we just have to get! LOL   You just stay the course and everything will be just peachy.  Smiley Happy

Re: Give Me More Lip - why did this happen to me

there is almost always a last of something laying around at some Sephora and they will do a search for you if they are gone online or in your nearest store - you can make your goal and win -BTW i have it and i love it, all of it - two of them actually, so you could PM me and i will cough one up for youSmiley Wink

Re: Give Me More Lip - why did this happen to me

Unleashing my unenabling powers Smiley Wink


Because you can spend the same amount of money on two full-sized, higher end lippies -- that you'll actually love and finish! -- at the same price!

Re: Give Me More Lip - why did this happen to me

Along @beautytester's line, how many will you not use?  Did you look at the reviews on the page that you linked below?  One of the reviewers (towards the bottom of the first page) shows swatches of all the colors.  I'm thinking about getting this kit (I just got Give Me Some Lip this past Saturday); but after watching her review/swatches, I know I will not wear any of the pink shades--that a quarter of the kit!  Are the remaing three-quarter colors really worth it?  On the other hand, even if I don't wear the pinks, @prettyinpa has an excellent point in waiting until the Friends & Family sale in November for the 20% discount.

Re: Give Me More Lip - why did this happen to me

Last year, as I remember they even had lip sets through the holiday season because I was considering getting one for my niece. So November wouldn't be unreasonable time to wait, I would think this would be one product that Sephora would have enough stock to last for awhile, especially since it makes such a good gift. 


The Sephora VIB sale is in November, maybe if you wait you can get it for 15-20% off (I forget the exact discount amount).

Re: Give Me More Lip - why did this happen to me

1. These sets come out every year.

2. How much of the set do you already have? how many of those do you have similar colors of? 

3. November's only 1.5 month away. If you have a ton of Sephora stores near you, I'm sure at least one of them will have some set left in Nov.

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