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Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

Before last week I had 4 Glossy Stains, but of course wanted to add one more... well after much swatching & playing I ended up with what I think is the last one that really works with my skin tone/that I like? 

But I still want more stain/gloss/liquid lipsticks. 

I have a few of the stila, and they are just OK.

I did NOT like the MUFE... it reminded me of the cheap drugstore ones & they really dried out my lips.


So I need your help! Which of the ones below have you tried & how do they compare to the YSL? I love that the YSL Glossy Stains are easy to reapply, don't transfer much, and are hydrating.


Hourglass- I heard the only way to reapply is to completely take it off. Is this true?

OCC Lip Tar- I'd probably would purchase one of the mini sets

Bite Cashmere Lip Cream - I know 0 about them except that a cast member was wearing it last week in the store & it was "WOW bold lip"




Ardency Inn


Kat Von D


So BBFFs? What have you tried... liked/dislike? Comparable to Glossy Stain? Oh & favorite shades?  

I'm ready to be enabled! 


*~* Please no drugstore product suggestions, every drugstore lip product I ever fell into the hype has left me disappointed. Thanks ~*~ 





Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

Finally got my 4 piece mini OCC lip tar set and got to play with them for a few days. While I love how you can mix the colors with OCC, Hourglass still has my vote. The Opaque Rogue lip color (especially in Icon) is amazing. I will definitely be buying more of them.


Not sure if this helps at all, but if you were comparing the two, I still like Hourglass better.

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

I wanted to follow up, too.  I wore Icon for 7 hours on Monday before deciding to take it off.  It still looked great.  The only part where I had any slight patchiness was because I went over that area more than once when applying, and that is due to my lack of great skill using a doe foot applicator and the fact that I had just opened it and there wasn't too much on the applicator the first time.  I don't think it's due to the formula and I don't think I'd have too much trouble now that I've had it open.


Compared to the KVD I definitely liked the Hourglass better, forget the shade.  It really felt like I didn't have anything on my lips at all.  I did not try putting a gloss over this, sorry.


Now that I've tried these out (tried the Stila in the set, too, I didn't like it as much as either of the two but didn't leave it on because I hate that nude color on me), I might check out more Hourglass during the sale.  I really like that Edition color that @shortstuff07 is wearing.  I don't wear red that much but the Icon color is definitely suitable to my coloring if I want something bolder.

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

I would refrain from using a gloss over Hourglass, it tends to make any slightly patchy areas worse, in my opinion.

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

Thanks for the update. I'm going to swatch some hourglass tomorrow! 

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

Ok, now I understand the YSL Glossy Stain obsession! Absolutely love the finish this gives on my lips! I'm wondering if this is causing my lips to be chapped though- my lips were pretty sore and chapped when I wore these the last two days to work. But it could also be related to being near the icy cold ambulance bay doors and the heater (dry air!) that we use to keep from freezing our buns off! Going to have to try using this at home before deciding!

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

Update: wore this again to work tonight and no issues with dryness. Apparently the trauma bay is the guilty party for causing my chapped lips!

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

They can be a tad drying, but nothing like a true stain. And unlike some stains, you can put balm on beforehand, just let it sink in & wipe off the excess. 

I'm glad you FINALLY got to try them! 

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

Me too! Now I'm staring at swatches...

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

I love them, but I also find them to be a bit drying if I wear them day after day. 

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

Your wish is my command, Dannyc! Smiley Very Happy


I highly suggest checking out the Armani Lip Maestros as a good alternative to the Glossy Stains! By default, 500 is my favorite!


I can't seem to link to the picture of swatches, but Kai's Obsession blog has amazing swatches. Enjoy!

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

Thanks Posh, I'll check them out! 

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

oh yes i forgot about those - i love the armani lip products! 

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

Hourglass is lovely, I have Icon and Edition.  The trick with these are to have  COMPLETELY bare lips, no liner, nothing.  The staying power is impressive.

OCC is one of my favorites, no budging but you can apply clear and get a little extra moisture.  

I'm not familiar with any of the others you've listed, but one other to consider is butter London's liquid lippys.  I've been impressed thus far with the pigmentation and staying power.

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

This is Hourglass in Edition!  Just wanted to share!20131104_162341.jpg

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

I agree with the completely bare lips. I'm someone who normally puts a light lip balm on under lipsticks, and I don't do this with the hourglass one. I usually just use a lip scrub, wipe it all off, and then apply the hourglass. It's amazing.

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

I made the mistake of applying lip liner, and I was so disappointed by the results.  I came back to Beauty Talk, figured out what I was doing wrong, and now it's one of my favorites!  If only it weren't $28 a tube!

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

The Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid lipstick in Icon is the only dark lip color I will wear out. It has survived a few nights out for Halloween (including eating/drinking) without budging. Every other lippie I've tried seems to transfer so easily. Once it dries, you can do almost anything and it's not going to move. You really don't need to reapply it (if you do, it does tend to get darker in some areas and lighter in others... it does move the already dried product). I found that leaving it alone was the best method. 


I just ordered the set of the 4 mini OCC lip tars and will let you know what I think of them. I hope they're as good as I think they'll be. 

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

Oh and the hourglass dries completely matte. I never felt like it dried out my lips though.

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

20131102_113005.jpghey for anyone who wanted to sample the Hourglass, I was in Sephora yesterday and in the impulse buy bins in the checkout area they had a whole bunch of mini-size Hourglass liquid lipsticks in Icon!!!  I was so excited about it but I already have one from Give Me Some Lip, otherwise I woulda snapped it up immediately!

Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

Do you know what the price was on these?

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