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Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

Before last week I had 4 Glossy Stains, but of course wanted to add one more... well after much swatching & playing I ended up with what I think is the last one that really works with my skin tone/that I like? 

But I still want more stain/gloss/liquid lipsticks. 

I have a few of the stila, and they are just OK.

I did NOT like the MUFE... it reminded me of the cheap drugstore ones & they really dried out my lips.


So I need your help! Which of the ones below have you tried & how do they compare to the YSL? I love that the YSL Glossy Stains are easy to reapply, don't transfer much, and are hydrating.


Hourglass- I heard the only way to reapply is to completely take it off. Is this true?

OCC Lip Tar- I'd probably would purchase one of the mini sets

Bite Cashmere Lip Cream - I know 0 about them except that a cast member was wearing it last week in the store & it was "WOW bold lip"




Ardency Inn


Kat Von D


So BBFFs? What have you tried... liked/dislike? Comparable to Glossy Stain? Oh & favorite shades?  

I'm ready to be enabled! 


*~* Please no drugstore product suggestions, every drugstore lip product I ever fell into the hype has left me disappointed. Thanks ~*~ 





Re: Favorite Glossy Stain Alternative?

I would refrain from using a gloss over Hourglass, it tends to make any slightly patchy areas worse, in my opinion.

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