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Favorite Dark Lippies

Alright ladies, so since Fall is just around the corner, I wanted to ask you all what your favorite vampy lip colors and combos are!


A couple of my favorites right now are:


Wet 'n' Wild Cherry Bomb






MAC Yung Rapunxel l/s + MAC Lust for Life l/g





Please excuse the drastic change in lighting, apparently my office lighting like to make me incredibly yellow or wash me out.

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

@Malady: (my reply feature doesn't work) Why do I hate lipstick? I just do. lol More power to any woman who wants to wear it every day, I just won't. I'm a gloss gal. Smiley Wink

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

I used to love gloss and wear it all the time but then I realized that a lot of glosses don't give as much color as I like and just do not last on me haha. I do still wear gloss though!

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

I don't like lipstick either! I've tried so many formulas & types, but never got into it. I think I will forever be a gloss & stain girl, which is why I love the YSL glossy stains to much... it's a little bit of both. Some stains can be really drying & the ones that are double ended with a gloss are a mess! 

The only forum of lipstick I can do, and not sure if it counts, are the tinted lip balms/enriched lipsticks. Like the Dior Serum Rouge and the Laura Mercier tinted balms. They have more pigment & lasting power than the fresh balms. 

IDK, I guess I hate feathering, reapplying, product on teeth, seeing the product on my glass & napkin... I don't like pulling out a mirror in public to retouch. So If I can't apply without a mirror then it's not for me. 

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

I've managed to create a routine that makes most of my lipsticks last forever and not feather or fade (only retouching after a meal pretty much), however it is a bit of work haha. Lipsticks for me aren't one of those swipe and go things so that's why I occasionally wear gloss or just a tinted balm if I'm looking for something easy. Every gloss I've tried feathers on me, pigmented ones and just sheer ones too. I guess that's why I prefer lipstick.

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

BECCA Ultimate Color Lip Gloss in Berry  Twist (the color you see in the tube is the one you get on your lips!) and YSL Volupte Shine in #2 Pourpre Intouchable. My favs!

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

Last Autumn, I was absolutely obsessed with finding a dark, vampy lipstick color! I bought quite a few and among my favorites are: 


swfupload_1740223766056171616.jpgNARS Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu 




YSL Glossy Lip Stain in No.1 Violet Edition 

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

I totally swoon over Train Bleu every time I see it! I need to try it on next time I go into a Sephora store.

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

I think you'd love it! The formula is fantastic and it stays on all day! I sometimes add a little bit of Cruella into it just to make it slightly redder xD

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

I usually line my lips with some sort of burgundy or red before I use a purple based shade because my skin tone is so yellow! From the swatches I've seen of this shade though I can't tell if I'll have to add a little red.


I love your username by the way! I've been craving ramen so bad but it's so hot right now where I live that I can't bring myself to eat any sort of soup haha.

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

You don't know the extent I go to to eat ramen, lol it's been hoI here too but I will turn on the AC or often, sit right in front of the fan as I eat xD


Hm, yeah the think about train bleu when I wear it is that it sometimes makes me look a bit too severe so I like to soften the color up with a tiny bit of red just over it! I'm really yellow as well!


There is also NARS terre de feu that is lovely!

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

My fav right now is the Hourglass lip gloss in Icon. It's so vampy Smiley Happy

Hourglass-Icon-Lip-Swatch.jpg(image: vampy varnish blog)


Second up is any of the Fresh lip balms, they go on sheer but build up quickly so I can use them for day and night. Plus they moisturize my lips..score. 

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

For summer, I like the Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Raspberry ($14). It's more Raspberry, so its more summery looking.


In autumn, I like Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Black Honey ($15) for a more sheer dark lip. When I want to be dramatic, I use Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Tint in Moody ($24).

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

The only dark lippie I have is Milani Sangria. I freakin love the smell of these! Most opaque lipsticks do not smell like candy like these do Smiley Happy They are my favorite drugstore line of lippies.




Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

My favorite of all time is MAC rebel. I have not found a liner to go with it however, which drives me nuts. So Ive been using just a nude liner and not filling them in which i normally do


Another great vampy lip is Diva, again no liner to match lol. Also mac

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

Try berry from mac, it doesent look like it would match but it does Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

I never use a liner with Rebel either, maybe you could try Urban Decay's new Lip Pencil color in Venom? I know the lipstick version of Venom is supposed to be similar to Rebel and since the pencils are supposed to coordinate it may work Smiley Happy The closest liner I have that would match Diva is from my local salon's own line of makeup so unfortunately I'm no help there lol.

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

i love Mac Rebel or Cyber! 


The first color looks super pretty on you btw!

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

I own Rebel and love it! I haven't tried cyber yet but I'm afraid it'll be too purple since I have a very warm skintone.


And thank you!

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

Rebels great, but Cybers more of a black purple, i have a really warm skintone but i can only wear it around like the fall or christmas, otherwise it brings out the redness in my face, during the winter seasons it looks really nice

Re: Favorite Dark Lippies

I'll have to go try it out, I've always been interested in trying almost black lipsticks but have never quite taken the jump.

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