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Dry lips - No matter what I do

I literally have tried everything, and I drink so much water. Any ideas?


Re: Dry lips - No matter what I do

@DevNew   Massage your lips for 10 minutes using a lip brush coated in a lip sleeping mask.  not only will it help remove any flaking on your lips that’s ready to come off but it will stimulate blood flow to your lips to help them heal faster and help them absorb the mask better than just applying and letting it soak in.  

#kosas juicy and plump lip treatment and Laneige sleeping mask are good and so is O’keefes lip repair if they’re cracked and bleeding.  

Re: Dry lips - No matter what I do

Hi @DevNew 


A long time ago when absolutley nothing was working for me, I got great advice from someone who worked at Sephora... they recommended Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve Rosebud Salve & it totally relieved every issue I was having-- it's definitely a cult classic for a reason & it's also a good price. I have skin that can be super sensitive to lip products and it didn't irritate my skin at all - not too oily, didn't bleed over, have any shady ingredients, etc... so you might want to give that a try! 

Re: Dry lips - No matter what I do

@DevNew When my lips feel irritated and dry, I reach for Jack Black Moisture Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 or First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy 

Re: Dry lips - No matter what I do

@DevNew  Do you frequently lick your lips? Some people do that subconsciously, in an attempt to hydrate dry lips. But the enzymes in saliva just make dry lips worse. Plus, if you get your lips wet with anything and don't apply an occlusive balm soon afterward (while lips are still damp), any moisture will quickly evaporate. 


It's also possible that something you use on your lips is causing contact dermatitis or a true allergic reaction. I saw you mention Aquaphor further down this thread. Assuming you mean plain ol' Aquaphor Ointment (not the product specifically marketed as a lip balm; that one has different ingredients): I love that stuff and use it for many things, including lip balm. But some folks are skin-sensitive to lanolin, which is in Aquaphor Ointment. Those folks also can't use any Lanolips balms/ointments. Have you tried using CeraVe Healing Ointment or Vaseline as a lip balm? Both of those are petrolatum-based balms that don't contain lanolin. 


If you typically wear lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, etc., or you often touch your lips with your hands or fingers—for instance, resting your chin on your hand and letting your bottom lip touch your hand—then a product you use on your hands could be causing a reaction on your lips. My facial skin hates nearly all essential oils, but especially lavender oil. Some of my hand creams contain lavender oil or extract. I can't touch my face or lips while using those hand creams. Last year I bought a lipstick that contained hinoki oil, and I quickly discovered my lips do not like that oil at all. 🤦‍♀️ 


If all else fails, including making sure your lips are damp with water (not saliva) before applying balm, then it may be time to see your primary care doctor or a board certified dermatologist to have your skin diagnosed and get personalized treatment options. Sorry you're going through this! I hope you find relief soon. 

Re: Dry lips - No matter what I do

This is so helpful, thank you for taking the time to input all of the information. Bless you!

Re: Dry lips - No matter what I do

No problem, @DevNew ! Glad I could help. 🙂 

Re: Dry lips - No matter what I do

@WinglessOne  The contact dermatitis is real!  I had it for months with Tarte lip gloss sticks way back in 2014 and couldn’t figure out why my lips were so dry even though I was hydrating them all the time.  Once I stopped using them my lips were fine.  

Re: Dry lips - No matter what I do

@heartsmyface  I'm glad you were able to narrow down the culprit! Contact dermatitis can be very frustrating, not just because of the skin irritation but also because it's sometimes hard to figure out what caused it. 


2 or 3 years ago, I had a painful mystery rash on my left elbow that worsened throughout the year until it looked like psoriasis and caused stabbing pain in that joint. At first, my doctor thought I might have psoriatic arthritis. Then she looked at my right elbow and saw the beginnings of a dark bumpy rash on that forearm, which looked more like KP. A few more diagnostic questions later and we figured out I was having a bad skin reaction to the wood stain coating the desk I sit at while using my laptop at home. It was much worse on my left elbow because I tend to use the trackpad with my right hand, so that elbow's positioned lightly on the desk while that forearm's making desk contact. And I usually plant my left elbow pretty hard on the desk for some reason, so in addition to contact dermatitis I was putting too much stress and strain on that elbow. 🤦‍♀️ That's why I started keeping my Banned Books scarf (the background in most of my hauls photos) on the desk: to shield my arms from the wood stain and give my elbow a soft surface. It's made a world of difference. 

Re: Dry lips - No matter what I do

Is where your living quite dry @DevNew 


If you are staying hydrated and the lip products aren't working, I have a few suggestions.


If it's dry where you are, try using a humidifier to add moisture to the air.


Make sure to apply your lip balms after washing your face or getting out of the bath or shower while your skin is still damp to seal in that moisture.


If you use those products on dry skin, it can just seal in the dryness.


Aquaphor or Vaseline might be a good idea, make sure if you use one is on damp or moisturized lips.


I hope this helps @DevNew

Re: Dry lips - No matter what I do

Try a nightly lip mask.  I love SEPHORA COLLECTION Nourishing Lip Sleeping Mask in Cherry + Vanilla  .  It is great product and a great price.

Re: Dry lips - No matter what I do

Hi, I use a lip scrub with my skincare routine and then after that I moisturize with a lip balm if I am going about my day or a lip mask if I am going to bed.

Re: Dry lips - No matter what I do

Let me clear up what I have tried..


- Lip masks

- Glosses

- Aquaphor

- Honey balm 


just tied oh getting random cracked lips 😞 

Re: Dry lips - No matter what I do

hey love these are my holy grails!


so at night I exfoliate so my hippies will moisturize better! I love the fresh lip scrub! so pricy but works wonder,

I use hyaluronic acid after on DAMP lips , and seal it with the fenty lip mask

In the morning I go in with the summer Fridays balm , the rare beauty balmy gloss or fenty cherry oil , I have super dry lips and these are pricey but WORKS WONDERS

Re: Dry lips - No matter what I do

hopes this helps @DevNew 

Re: Dry lips - No matter what I do

@DevNew @What products/brands have you used?

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